Dave McKinnon

  • Country sTix (Darren & Deloris) says:

    Thanks Doc! Appreciate you souch! ❤

  • Hazy says:

    For 7 years my body craved EVOO, I drank 60 oz per week for 7 years.
    Now I cook with or drink much less but still use frequently.
    Thank you, good information to know.

  • Lakishia Lady Bug says:

    How should it be ingested and how much??

  • Steven G says:

    OUTSTANDING, thanks for this good information 👍

  • Nida Siddiqui says:

    Thanks doc for reminding us about these real gems for health.. outstanding ❤❤

  • sergeant_psychotic says:

    Imma drink a bottle tomorrow

  • Slack Hoffman says:

    Thanks 🙏 Dr Mandell your a truly wonderful human ❤️💙💪🙏🍀❣️and hi to Mamma Mandell ❣️🍀

  • Aida F. says:

    I never liked over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs and avoid them at all costs!! I even stay away from Tylenol but use it rarely as a very last resort!! I do take about a tablespoon of evoo every morning and I use turmeric (Nature’s tylenol) with alittle black pepper to help my body absorb the turmeric better!!❤😊

  • Irmina Ko says:

    I’d rather take olive oil than aleve

  • Nathaniel Andrews says:

    Aaaaaaamen Thank u Dr Mandel. U r so in the Lords timing!!!!!! Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah 🙌🙌 🙌

  • Nathaniel Andrews says:

    May the Lord Bless u n keep u

  • Shia Mo says:

    Dr. Mandell, I absolutely love learning new information, especially about science. Thank you for sharing this 🙏😊!!

  • All American says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell for always thinking about sharing these proven, often health remedies minus any side effects to keep us on top of good health. I agree🌺

  • Cindy says:

    The question is how much olive oil do we take, eat or drink ? For effects

  • Adela Laird says:

    Dr. Mandell your pantry is healthier than anything else in the world. Thank you for your reminder to keep up with the healthy lifestyle choices.❤

  • Kate Nkau says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell we appreciate you 🎉❤

  • Gillian Mountford says:

    I do take extra virgin olive oil, (when I remember) it surprisingly leaves a hot sensation in my throat.
    I assume it’s killing germs.
    I recently found adding some honey to combat some allergies worked well and was pleasant to take.

  • Solange Kuchi says:

    Doctor how can we treat kidney stones??

  • Susan Y says:

    I’d rather take the organic olive oil making sure I’m reading the back of the bottle, watch out those manufacturers haven’t mixed in crapy other oils, No drugs!

  • Anthony Tate says:

    My man! You’re always on point! 💯

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