Dave McKinnon

  • Chris Leblanc says:

    I have two each day

  • A g says:

    but that’s also death in a pinch. I can eat any other nut on this planet EXCEPT Brazil nuts❤

  • Carla Westlund says:

    I wuv you doc..bought your vitamin bible bible when you first published…you crash thru the walls of bull s..t.. with honesty knowledge.and respectful ly..hooking us up..in the most down to earth . every day people way..keep up the good work brother.carla

    • dianelady52 says:

      I think he’s one of the best. I’ve come across one or two really good drs but I have to tell you this gentleman cuts right through the dressings of knowledge so to speak. He may know a great deal more than most of us as his brain has been trained to operate and remember information. But I don’t have to wait or wade through mountains of wonderful knowledge for sure… I just want to know if I can take it with everything else. What’s it do etc. He is pretty Marvellous eh!! Thank you Doctor..🌟

    • Carla Westlund says:

      @dianelady52 thanks for your positive input ..,,✋✋

  • Ted Bell says:

    Its also the most radioactive food there is

  • Mooby Ali says:

    True .but when I have , I ‘m full 😊

  • Lauren Stone says:

    Brazil nuts are hard…so are my teeth… I broke a tooth on one and had to get a dental crown. No more Brazil nuts for me

    • Stephanie B says:

      I’m thinking you could smash them by putting a couple in a ziplock bag or two, wrap it in a towel and hammer it until it’s a fine powder.. then add to water. Will be a weird texture to swallow but it gets the job done 🙂 or take the powder and put it on buttered toast maybe. Just trying to help 💛

  • CherokeeSher says:

    Im going to order brazil nuts now.. Thanks Doc!

  • Stefania C Marza says:

    ❤. Be blessed, doctor.

  • Debra Carltock says:

    I have been Researching on this subject and I hear 😁
    3 nuts a day is best!!!

  • Philly pandre says:

    Thanks again Dr Mandell

  • my BulliPage says:

    Maybe true, Doctor. But you see, there’s a mad rush in our nation to import them. People are just ignoring what’s grown and available locally. Poor ignorants. Jai SriRam.🚩🇮🇳

  • angel of knowledge says:

    They are only sold here during Christmas

  • Mrs. Tanya Parker - Call Sign.KK7ICS says:

    Thank you❤🎉many blissings 🙏

  • Petra Kann says:

    There is a limit of how many Brazil nuts you can have per day – they naturally contain a radioisotope (radioactive radium-228 is high in brazil nuts – about 1000 times higher than in other foods).
    Limit Brazil nut consumption to under 5 nuts per day.
    Ra-228 in the nut (5.3-114.5 pCi/g in ash of nut)

  • BlvckHouzWyf_Inc says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell, I purchased a bag a month ago because of you. I’ve been hooked and feeling good ever since ❤ went from a bag of chips to a bag of nuts. So delicious ☺️.

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  • Joy E says:

    I do Brazil, Walnuts and almond DAILY, it’s everything Dr Mandel says and more. For heart health Brazil and Walnut is the go to thanks Dr for everything you do ❤👍🏿🙏🏿

  • Aloysius Devander Abercrombie says:

    Selenium deficiency is no joke.

  • SAHBfan says:

    I have looked into Brazil nuts – the selenium content is dependant on the soil the tree is growing on. Unfortunately, the selenium content in different brands of nuts from different countries can vary from negligible to so high that two nuts can give you an overdose. I have never found any packet of nuts or any information from a supplier that declares the selenium content of the nuts. Certainly don’t have too many, maybe two a day should be the limit just in case you have nuts with a high content – but how can you know if the nuts you are eating have enough selenium?

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Brazilian nuts are also good for heart ♥ health ❤❤

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