I like to share an excellent elixir to speed up your metabolism while sleeping. This will help balance glucose and insulin levels, stimulate hormones in the brain, help your cardiovascular system, and help your body burn that belly fat.

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Dave McKinnon

  • motivationaldoc says:

    Make sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet. Hydrate and get your fiber. Get some exercise and please get your sleep. 😊❤️🙏👍,

    • Sana Saeed says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this video. I lost 15 kg and hopefully will reduce more soon

    • Eva McKenzie says:


    • S T says:

      Is Paprika same as Red Chilli powder? As in India Paprika is not easily available.

    • Maura Kenealy says:

      Thank you Dr Mandel for yet another great remedy. I just love your Chanel. Cinnamon is a wonderful spice but make sure you’re buying genuine Ceylon Cinnamon. There’s a lot of cassia on the market masquerading as cinnamon. Cassia has coumarin in it which is a toxic property. You can do your research to check out the difference.

    • Barb B says:

      Thankyou Dear Doctor! ❤

  • Robert S Plissken says:

    It’s good to know we can do this first thing in the morning before breakfast as many of us are on an intermittent fasting routine. Thank you Dr Mandell !

    • Reina Macaren-a says:

      Yes but even though honey has great benefits, I think it will interrupt fasting due to carbs. Your thoughts? 🤔

    • Robert S Plissken says:

      @Reina Macaren-a That is why I commented as I did.

    • Reina Macaren-a says:

      @Robert S Plissken
      I don’t think he was talking about people who I F. I would love to add honey but I can’t break my fast over those benefits when I can get it elsewhere

    • Robert S Plissken says:

      @Reina Macaren-a Of course he was not talking about IF here. I think that you, me and Dr Mandell are on the same page here.

    • TN says:

      What is piper Rica or something?

  • Crusader Killer says:

    Protect this man at all costs.

  • Tlotlo Mainaakae says:

    Thank you very much Dr Mandell for the straight forward video I’ve used this mixture including dieting from 21 june 2022 till now 29 June 2022 and am already noticing a lot of changes in me and will continue using it…may the lord continue to bless you unconditionally 😊❤

    • Tina Jacob says:

      nw whats the change?

    • Jun Tan says:

      So how much weight have u burned frm taking this drink?

    • Tina Jacob says:

      @Jun Tan i been following this like around 2weeks no result. And when i use coffee wd lemon i see good results. So i duno wts wrong i don lik lemon thts the reason i tot ds wud help. Infact wen i drink this i feel mre hunger although my weight is nt alot bt still i like to shed few mre. As for the sleep yes it helped alot plus the joint aches am having also reduced

    • Jun Tan says:

      @Tina Jacob actually I did follow 1 of his remedy on slimming but I don’t see any result. I mix apple cider veniger, lemon, cinnamon powder, honey along with hot water & drink empty stomach every morning. My weight kinda tough to reduce. Its dissappointing.

    • Sadi Kgaswane says:

      I followed you Doctor and it’s really worked for me❤

  • Kunga Zopa says:

    1. Cinnamon half a teaspoon
    2. Black Pepper freshly ground, a few grinds of the pepper grinder
    3. Paprika a quarter teaspoon
    4. Raw Organic Honey 1 to 2 teaspoons
    5. 1 hot cup water

  • London Khareem says:

    Thank you, Dr Mandell! You are God’s gift to us 🧡🧡🧡!

  • Janet says:

    Thanks Dr. M!! Love all of these helpful and healthful videos!! 💗

  • Joyce Ross says:

    You are truly a breath of fresh air in this toxic environment that we live in. I avoid the healthcare community and big pharmaceutical giants as much as possible. I am a strong believer that our bodies can stay healthy if we give them the right tools. Thank you for providing “THE RIGHT TOOLS” You are a blessing to us. 🙂

    • TjockSnorris says:

      the healthcare and big pharma dosn’t push the food down your throat or make you sit in front of the tv all day, lazy people will blame others for their own made problems.
      This isn’t going to fix anything either unless you move your body and eat better food.

    • Emenike Jude says:


    • fiery_transition says:

      @TjockSnorris Until big pharma makes semaglutide and now everyone wants it lol

  • Our Chinese Life says:

    I started doing this 3 days ago, and last night I went into the deepest sleep ever, I think I even went to another planet. So this drink definitely helps for deep sleeping.

  • Mette Lise Bengaard says:

    Thanks for the great advice! 🙂 I think it is worth mentioning that if you use raw honey (which means that it has not been heat-treated), it’s important that you allow the brew/tea to cool down below 40 degrees celcius. (104 Fahrenheit). Because otherwise a lot of the healthy properties in the honey are destroyed.

    • Tiffanaynay777 says:

      Thanks for this very knowledgeable information. I think I would have benefited knowing this a VERY long time ago!!!!.

    • Mette Lise Bengaard says:

      @Tiffanaynay777 You’re welcome. 🙂 Yeah, if we destroy all “the good stuff” in the honey with too much heat, it essentially just becomes an expensive (though tasty) sweetener. 😉

    • Tiffanaynay777 says:

      @Mette Lise Bengaard WOW! Thanks for the knowledge, glad to finally know!!

    • Mette Lise Bengaard says:

      @gymnastica66 I’m happy you’ll get the best out of your honey and Doc’s good advice. 🙂

    • Delia L. Ruiz says:

      Thx for the information regarding the cooling down before adding honey. 🎉😊

  • SucessKey says:

    This worked for me. I am well past menopause at 60. My weight is considered normal but I didn’t appreciate the weird pockets of fat growing around my middle. I tried this and lost 9 solid pounds in 1 week. I’m sleeping great with REM type dreams again. Amazed and happier. Trust this doctor.

  • stephansylvia pigg says:

    Hi, I started this last night, tasted good! Slept very sound, but experienced a slight headache during the day, but possibly just a detoxing process or maybe not enough water throughout the day today. I definitely didn’t have any sugar cravings which is awesome! Already had my cup for tonight. 🤩

    • Winning Within says:

      Thanks for this review. I was worried about headaches. I’ll try it tonight tho. Hows it going now for u?

    • NORNISSE says:

      There’s no such thing as detoxing. Be careful with the cinnemon. Too much harms your liver. The tolerable daily intake of coumarin, an ingredient in cinnamon, is approximately 0.05 mg/pound (0.1 mg/kg) of body weight, or 5 mg per day for a 130-pound (59-kg) person. This means that just 1 teaspoon of cinnamon could put you over the daily limit.

    • Saravana Kumar says:

      @NORNISSE ♥

      Detoxing buzzword is doing rounds. People keep looking for quick results.

    • ceceoo3 says:

      ​@NORNISSEThank you for this. So true, I just looked it up and read the same thing right before reading your comment.

    • Baby Yoda says:

      did it worked?

  • that kid connor says:

    Its a blessing that these ingredients are so easily found and help our bodies naturally heal ❤

  • 13th May says:

    Fantastic stuff, I have all these at home. Going to practice this every night. Thank you, Dr. Mandell ✌♥

  • DFN says:

    It worked!! For the first time in a long time I slept through the night. Previously I was sleeping 4 hours per night in bed then going downstairs and either staying up or eventually sleeping in my chair. After drinking this mixture, I managed to stay in bed until sunrise. Thanks.

  • Aleek Golpo says:

    Sir! It’s a great endeavour on your part to help people towards living a healthy life. Thank you.

  • VoiceOvaGuy says:

    You are a gem Dr. Mandell. Bless you for all the help you give others with your knowledge. <3

  • Joy Jackson says:

    Thanks a Million, Dr. Mandell! Will be another year older in a few days and I was beginning to wonder if I will have to live with this extra 20 lbs. from now on–since it’s so hard to lose. Thank you for making THIS video– it makes total sense… I am definitely going to try it ! Blessings❤!

    • Kevin M says:

      If you want to lose weight, cut your food intake in half at meal time, and don’t snack in between to compensate.

  • Teddy F says:

    I took this elixir after seeing the video last. I slept very good. All through the night. And my stomach feels great on the inside and a little smaller on the outside.
    Thank you Doc

  • VsUK says:

    As a type 1 diabetic here in the UK at 42 yrs old, I’ve struggled with weight most of my adult life, more specifically around my gut. I’ve never really been fat fat, just had a large gut & it’s bothered me for years. 4 yrs ago, I started to hit the gym & I’ve reduced my body fat % & increased muscle mass where I am now muscular, but still have a large gut & I just couldn’t get rid of it & I’ve tried everything. Well, I stumbled upon this about 3 months ago & thought why not. So, for 2 months I had exactly what he described every night 1 hour before bed. I changed nothing else in my life that I was already doing & I went from 18st 4lbs to 16st 2lbs. My body fat % fell from 32% to 24%, a very clear & noticeable drop. So this for me is amazing & has helped my mental health as well, because my large gut was really getting me down a lot.

    I will say however, having this every night caused my bloody sugars to drop more quickly during the night than it otherwise did. I didn’t notice anything until about 5 or 6 days in when I started waking up due to low sugar levels & despite a little snack or sugary drink to bump my sugars up, I had to lower my insulin requirements for the food I ate for the last time that day, usually my tea or dinner non Northerners call it. So this also helps diabetes control, but you should be aware of the sugar level drops during the night as a result of too much insulin, so this has helped me in my weight & diabetes control.

    So I have to say a big thank you from this Yorkshire guy from England :0)

    • susan dudley says:

      Well done and congratulations 👏
      I’m type 2 diabetic and I appreciate your experience. I’m going to start this tonight, thank you and God bless🙏.

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