1 CUP… MUCUS & PHLEGM Clears Up! Dr. Mandell

When you're sick, your body commonly produces more mucus. What you’re noticing is most likely a change in its consistency. Your mucus may become thicker or stickier. It may build up in your lungs and throat, causing congestion and in severe cases difficulty breathing or swallowing.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Thea Stewart says:

    Very informative video. Thank you De. Mandell!

  • Queen Bee says:

    God bless you Dr.MANDEL 🙏 we love you thank you so much for all your very good remedies!

  • KIKI J says:

    Bless your heart!. This is how I was feeling and you are 1000% correct. 🫶🏾🇯🇵 Protect Doc at all times.

  • Dorcas E Hunter says:

    This information was real good. Thank you so much Dr Mandell.

  • Nasrin Ali says:

    I appreciate you sharing this video, Dr. Mandell. I really needed this video today. I pray that God will bless you and your family. Have an amazing day.❤

  • Onye oma Chinyeremaka says:

    *Who’s been through a lot this year but can still say, “I’m greatful that GOD kept me?”*

  • River says:

    I am totally fine. And I felt a whole lot better after watching this video. 🍻

  • Temptedattimes says:

    Dr. Mandell, the world’s greatest natural doctor. Thank you so much for making us aware of so many natural remedies. God bless you for sharing.
    I always pass it on.

  • carolyn jones says:

    Thank you Doctor !
    This is Great information. God bless you and yours !!🙏🏾😊💕

  • Angela P says:

    1000% True Dr Mandell ❤👍

  • angela keely says:

    *Thank you Doc for all you do ❤*

  • Sylvina Turner says:

    Thank you, doctor, for such great content. I will follow those instruction❤

  • A says:

    With allergies and it being so dry out hope this helps.Thank you Dr. Mandell.

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Good morning Dr Mandell, this information was really helpful thank you for sharing have a great day ❤

  • sher B says:

    Thanks Doc.. this is how I’m feeling right now

  • Sandra Benetic says:

    Dr. Mandell love your videos. We are so blessed to have you.

  • Hillary Kounkorgo says:

    Thank you. I’m pregnant and the post nasal drip mucous exasperates my nausea

  • martie Stewart says:

    Always love the information you share to help us all !!!

  • Oretta Akhtar says:

    Love and Gratitude for your medical wisdom!

  • Kathy K says:

    This video couldn’t have came at a better time!!! Thank you Dr Mandell

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