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1 MINERAL We Need More Of…For Heart, Arteries, Blood Pressure, Muscles & Nerves | Dr. Mandell

The Adequate Intake recommendation for potassium is 4,700 milligrams (mg) per day for adults. Most adults do not meet this recommendation. Potassium supports blood pressure, cardiovascular health, bone strength, muscle strength, and so much more. It is unfortunate the most people don't understand how little amount of potassium they are getting from a supplement.

How Much Potassium Do You Need Per Day?

Potassium Intake of the
U.S. Population

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Dave McKinnon

  • Onye oma Chinyeremaka says:

    *Who’s been through a lot this year but can still say, “I’m greatful that GOD kept me?”*

  • Sharon Cooper says:

    Thanks for sharing. As always, very enlightening

  • Brenda says:

    *Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how much time and work he put into this video?* *It’s amazing, and I think they deserve so much more than that* ✨

  • Brenda says:

    *Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how much time and work he put into this video?* *It’s amazing, and I think they deserve so much more than that 😊😊

  • Catherine says:

    Your commitment to delivering high-quality content is worth celebrating

  • mzlady grinn says:

    Finally, someone who’s given a list of products with potassium levels….
    I snapped a couple of pics, to keep the info!
    Thank you Dr Mandell!
    One of the most helpful Drs posting for the benefit of the people!
    Hope your mom is doing well😉

  • M MS says:

    Very insightful dear doctor! You make our lives so much better, nothing compared to other doctors

  • Jamie Honie says:

    We need strong stomach acid to absorb potassium and other fat soluble vitamins and nutrients(potassium, magnesium, vitamin b, iron, zinc, etc). If you suffer from any nutrient deficiencies try lowering your fluid intake during meals, too much fluids will dilute stomach acid. Or drink ACV before meals like Doc says in other videos.

  • A says:

    This really might help I get toe and foot cramps a couple times a day. Thank You,Have a wonderful Day 💖✌️

    • Bonnie Benz says:

      I get foot cramps at night constantly so I think I’ll start a supplement as I really do not eat much on his list of foods.

  • BootGal says:

    Love your videos. You get to the point without dragging it out. Thank you so much.

  • Francina says:

    The real key with minerals is their ratio to each other. They are interdependent and reliant on each other. So balance of minerals is the key.

  • Jo Bondi says:

    I just read an article that said to only eat low potassium foods. For about 3 years I was having heart palpitations. I had all kinds of tests and nothing was found. Then they went away. I started to eat healthier foods (tho I wasn’t a junk food junkie) and they went away. Not one Dr ever mentioned potassium. Typical nowadays. I’m grateful for Dr. Mandell!!! 😊 Thank you, sir!

  • Markuma says:

    Went into Afib two days ago because of this. They even gave me potassium at the hospital. Never told me to increase my intake after. But they gave me meds.

  • Hellbentmonk says:

    What a great video, doctor.
    I’m allergic to bananas 🍌.
    I’ve been concerned about my potassium levels for too long.
    Thank you for this video.

  • MJ Pearce says:

    When I was younger my blood potassium was always low and my doctor had me taking potassium and I still had cramps in my legs and hands. One day I saw a video about taking magnesium for leg cramps. I started taking magnesium and the cramps would go away. These days my blood potassium is normal and I don’t supplement potassium.

    When I went to the hospital when I had a severe bacterial infection when I couldn’t hold anything in my stomach for a few days. The emergency did a blood draw and I was immediately put on a potassium IV drip. For almost two days I was on the potassium IV drip. Told the nurse that I needed 200mg of magnesium if she wants to get me out of the hospital bed. They gave me what I asked for and I was allowed to leave the hospital. Took about six hours for my potassium blood levels to be in the normal range. I’ve heard about doctors saying that even though the patient is being infused with potassium and nothing is changing for the better? I’d ask for some magnesium added to the potassium IV drip.

  • rebecca powell says:

    I stop taken my potassium will start back today,praise God, thank you Dr. Mandell,and pray that your mother feel better soon in Jesus mighty name I pray amen.

  • Hey get off my lawn! says:

    Thank you for that information. Are there any fluids that are high in potassium?

  • Bonnie Benz says:

    I constantly read that too much potassium can cause serious heart problems so I’ve always been afraid of taking a supplement. I think I’ll start taking one now because of this video as I don’t eat lots on your list.

    • Connie Marx says:

      Yes, I can testify to that!! When you go to your doctor, one should ALWAYS have full blood panels done to know all your levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before taking on more supplements. IMHO

  • Linda Elert says:

    Thank you, I shared this. I have been deficient and on supplements since mold made me sick. Doctors had me on a bunch of meds which made me worse. Hair sample revealed extreme deficiency in potassium. This is so very importamt!!

  • mahesh bagul says:

    Thanks Doctor for imparting knowledge which is helpful to all around rather than sherely getting upset with no knowledge.

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