10-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Stop Feeling Tired, Achy, And Bloated! | Dr. Mark Hyman

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Have you ever wondered why you constantly feel tired, achy, or bloated? In this episode, I delve into "Feel Like Crap Syndrome," a term I coined to describe the chronic low-level systemic inflammation that affects so many of us. I’ll share my clinical insights on how ultra-processed foods and other dietary choices may explain why you’re feeling so run down. Plus, find out how a 10-day elimination diet can help you reset your health and live your best life.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @Thorneotales says:

    Ultra processed food , Dairy, gluten, sugar, fruit juices , alcohol,diet sodas , coffees

  • @a.h.kfoury6909 says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Mark for this very interesting video. I watch all your videos and wait for your new ones. I learned so much. ❤

  • @dfinite4089 says:

    Please tell me where in the show notes the link is to the 10 day anti-inflammation plan is? Thank you.

  • @dfinite4089 says:

    Thanks Dr Hyman, for always sharing medical wisdom. Much appreciated.

  • @aprilmichael5410 says:

    One of my very favourite docs 🙌🏽🎉

  • @fayswitsky2538 says:

    The 10 day detox diet is amazing. I highly recommend that everyone try it. It becomes a lifestyle and not a diet. I think it’s the only diet that actually works for healing and weight loss.

  • @theperfectautumn8781 says:

    CLUE: Adding some silent pauses here and there _(between sentences)_ throughout these videos would be helpful to better take in ALL that is being discussed.

    • @christinas.8980 says:

      Ain’t nobody got time for that haha pause it when you need to, I have too many videos to research for all that haha

  • @elizabethfenimore1362 says:

    Dr Mark I stopped eating all sugar and processed food. My joint pain has pretty well left my body. I walk my dog and my friends dog every day. At 65 I thought I better start taking charge of my life

  • @TobieJohnson says:

    I have annual BLOOD test food testing done, believe me, then you know and there is no guessing

  • @philais says:

    You can change your jeans! I did! I changed from a 36-38 inch waist jeans to 32 in Jeans! You are what you eat!

    • @Truologye says:

      Me too! Went from size 10 to size 2 in less than two months vegan so no more high cholesterol and blood pressure and no more severe digestive tract issues. Vegan 2009.

  • @lisbethbird8268 says:

    I am transitioning from gluten free to 99% grain free clean baking. So I have a question about xanthan gum, which you list as an emulsifier. Very small amounts are often included in gluten/grain free recipes to replace wheat gluten. Is this really harmful to the gut? A serving might have a tiny pinch. Another emulsifier that I’ve used is organic sunflower lecithin, as a supplemental source of important phospholipids like phosphatadyl choline. Is this also not advised?

  • @NancyBetz says:

    Histamine intolerance, Type 2 diabetes. Absolutely NO help from medical folks. I’m going nuts trying to figure it out! I don’t consume grains, sugar or dairy. My body is confused. 🤬

    • @richellestarling333 says:

      Mastcell360 helped me. God bless

    • @Jupiter_Crash says:

      Nancy, I’m sorry you’re going through all that. I wanted to figure out some of issues and decided to try Function Health. It does cost $499 but I’m hoping it provides me highly personalized answers. You can read about it online and see if it’s what you’re looking for. Good luck!

  • @ladyfarrier5949 says:

    I’d always heard it’s more the glyphosate that was the issue, more than the gluten itself.

  • @makeupchickmakeup1511 says:

    I love learning from you dr Hyman❤

  • @mathewchacko8993 says:

    30 minutes of this guy = 1 year of medschool 😮😊

  • @raypena1516 says:

    I was vegetable juicing and Pura Dyme enzymes to heal my gut.

  • @charissejohnson9253 says:

    I clicked on the link to view the show notes from the episode so I could get the 10 day detox but it says page not found

  • @lisacampagna5972 says:

    Thank you Dr. Mark for everything you do! Appreciate all you share with us, you are such a good man.

  • @ninaeverest25200 says:

    This channel and your expository teachings has been my major drive, and that’s why with $32,000 weekly returns I was able to live my life-long dreams of sending 50% of my weekly interest to the sick old ones in my neighborhood.

  • @diversekakes says:

    Beans are fine, just soak them and rinse after cooking. Preferably buy organic beans. Combine them with the right foods.

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