10-Day Sugar Detox: The Secret to Saving Your Life | Dr. Mark Hyman

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Over 75% of adults and 40% of kids in the U.S. are now overweight – and sugar addiction is a big reason why. In this episode, discover how sugar hides in many common foods like salad dressings, sauces, and pasta sauces. We'll explore how excessive sugar drives obesity, diabetes, cognitive decline, depression, and even Alzheimer's disease. Plus, I'll share my 10-day detox diet designed to help you break free from sugar addiction and transform your health.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @bettydoughtery3920 says:

    Thank you

  • @patgibson-saxty8019 says:

    So what’s the 10 day detox then? This is just depressing , no hope here that l can find

  • @charmainecee8825 says:

    2.02 I have a few foods that have sugar my favs. I got them out of my meals are you always seem to come back slowly at first and then you have more than you should. Sugar is a man made evil

    • @irishcountrygirl78 says:

      Absolutely. They are slowly killing the human race. Keeping people addicted to sugar. It should be illegal to add it to food.

  • @charmainecee8825 says:

    From the 60s up we always had every day parties mom is addicted to Sugar nobody ever said I was bad for you I don’t think anybody knew at that time

  • @JS-jh4cy says:

    I read something once that sugar is similar to cocaine in some effects

    • @JS-jh4cy says:

      Meaning overall it’s fucking bad in life

    • @greatestever8976 says:

      Sugar is WAY more addictive. Coke is nasty. For similar but better results, see a dentist. You get the bad taste, numbing effects, and raised adrenaline but clean and fixed teeth at the same time.😁

  • @user-qr5mc5yj2v says:

    I read every label on my food sources and am trying to eliminate sugar, seed oils and artificial flavorings and colors. I make my own salad dressings and mayonnaise. I try to eat only Whole Foods-not processed foods. Sugar is in almost all processed foods! Start reading the labels of ingredients and you will be shocked to discover what you are putting into your body. I have seriously cut down on sugar and plan to continue this lifestyle.

    • @tradermunky1998 says:

      Any complex carbohydrate is broken down in the small intestine into sugars before being absorbed. The body knows no difference between eating a piece of whole wheat bread or eating pure sugar.

      So if you really want to dump sugar, you have to dump all carbohydrates. The body doesn’t need exogenous carbohydrates to begin with, the liver makes whatever is needed.

  • @RebelAgainstAge says:

    Fantastic video so full of facts and stats that is tough to face. Thank you 🙌🏼

  • @tstatus1206 says:

    Recently realized I don’t just have a sugar problem. I got a bread problem

  • @greatestever8976 says:

    I watched a video recently that said insulin resistance is behind fibromyalgia. I would argue that mine didn’t start until my early 30’s when I quit big pHARMA drugs cold turkey. I wasn’t able to eat candy, fruit, or drink soda/juices (except gingerale, diet coke & cranberry juice) without an allergic reaction that caused my face, nose, & eyes to burn & sweat. It still happens over 10 yrs later but much less often. The worst part is body pain and restless legs. It has gotten so bad that I am willing to try to give up bread and sugar entirely. Thank you for this video! I highly recommend the glucose goddess Jessie (her channel is called Glucose Revolution) to anyone who wants a better understanding of what to avoid and why.

  • @garyreisman853 says:

    Why would not you send this to all the Members of Government who could change so much for the People affected with limited or no knowledge

  • @dougjstl1 says:

    I think Bread and grains are like concentrated sugar they’re just released a little different a little bit slower

  • @greglaflame7759 says:

    I eliminated sugar/carbohydrates for 10 days prior to starting intermittent fasting. I at regular meals, just eliminated the above. Paved the way to the fasting program.

  • @ts4231 says:

    I’ll continue enjoying my naturally sugar laden fruits and not looking or feeling like hell. Much, much appreciation for the effort to change legislation regarding added/unhealthy sugar though. It’s insane that it’s taken so long.

    • @bobbylee2853 says:

      Fruit is a man made product through selectively cross cultivation. Natural fruit wasn’t full of sugar like today. They gave you candy.

    • @JustinBlackfaceTrudeau says:

      @@bobbylee2853there’s no fibre or nutrients & vitamins in candy .

  • @Peter-tk6rm says:

    Dr Lustig lectures on the Harm
    Sugar has on the Human body.
    ” Pure White and Deadly”
    He and his team regularly confront
    Corporate Lobbying groups.
    Brilliant preventative Medicine pioneer.

  • @matthrwforgach6661 says:

    This guy looks like John Stewart.

  • @carwoman43 says:

    This is one of the best and most helpful videos you’ve made.

  • @28FlyingDutchman says:

    I have been on a low carb, high fat, no sugar, OMAD, IF 16:8 regime for almost a month now. I drink water and coffee (just cream). I don’t consume prepackaged foods and prepare only fresh meats, non starchy veggies, and dairy products like cream cheese, cheese, heavy whipping cream, etc. I average 5 miles per day in walking and steps. I ordered a new bathroom scale because the one I have is cheap and gives wildly fluctuating numbers, so I can’t tell if I’ve really lost weight or not. I take the following supplements: magnesium, St Johns Wort, Gingko Biloba, SAmE, Garcinia Camodian, B12, elderberry, Collagen powder, and a homepathic immune support tincture. I feel absolutely no different than I did a month ago. My fatigue, joint pain/stiffness, gas and bloating after every meal is still present. What gives?

  • @nadinemanfredi says:

    Excellent! I am inspired ❤

  • @user-et8wz4dh7w says:

    Sugar is definitely a killer in our society today. We have grown lazy, rely on easy fixes and don’t use common sense. Our mothers, grandmothers and back knew this all too well. Unfortunately, our generation relies on what is easiest but also damaging. Look at our youth…what a serious health issue.

  • @lamuriellyman1644 says:

    Where’s the ten-day diet ?

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