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    Very useful thanks Doc!!!

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    Thank you Dr. Mandell ❤

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    Love your unique style, never change!

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    This man knows good health

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    Thank you Dr Mandell ! Great ,love this one ❤❤❤

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    I always love this doctor😂🎉❤

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    👋🏻My hands took a beating over the years from over use. Now I’ve got osteoarthritis in my fingers. These will help! Thank you Doctor! ❤️🙏🏻

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    This also helps with trigger finger issues for preventative maintenance. Thank you Dr Mandell for all your informative videos and support. 🙏🏻

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    Thank you for that! Drumming, cycling, I need this!

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    Over the past couple months, I have started to develop what I suspect is arthritis in my hands. I just pulled out my tablet and saw this…..tried it and it seemed to immediately help. The Motivational Doctor is a treasure. Thanks Doctor for all your advice and how you make health easy to understand for us average folks!

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    Protect this beautiful man for keeping us healthy and saving our lives ❤️

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    Bravo my medical alchemist brother🍵⚖️⚗️🌿🧪🌱

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    Dr. Mandell. Love your videos. Short and precise. And every solutions and tactics are FOC. Very done! God bless you and your family. 😊

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    I have so much gratitude to this dear Dr 🙏

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    This is another good one. Thanks, Dr. A.✌🏾

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    بارك الله فيك دكتورنا الغالي🌹🤍

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    Thanks, Dr. Mandel. The Blessings of Health are Greater than wealth! You are a beautiful soul, assisting those that are not able to get out at times and just move. Your chair exercises have greatly improved my mobility… Hugs🤗♥️🥰

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    I’m amazed at how every one of your video’s is about my life at the exact time. Thank you, Dr. Mandell. Bless your heart in JESUS’ mighty name. PRAISE GOD.🙏🏽❤️🕊

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