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    Keep it up dr. 👍👍👍

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    Making money is action, keeping money is behavior. Growing money is wisdom. I found this out a week ago after getting a $33,400 return on my $3,500 investment in 11 days*

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    This really works ❤

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    Love all of your content and the way you joyously share your knowledge with such positivity. Any advice for working on cervical instability (C1 and C2). I know you can’t give me any personal and direct medical advice. But I’m curious about your thoughts on treatments options. Prolotherapy?

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    I was in the mirror about 45 minutes ago doing the pull arms downward.😄
    Thank you, Dr.❤

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    Great ❤❤

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    Thank you doctor

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    This is the early interesting man or doctor on all of TikTok he should have his own TV show He’s far more interesting than the so-called doctor show don’t even know if it’s on anymore or Dr Phil or he’s so real there is no fake about this man I follow him loyally thank you Dr Mendel for all your good advice on how to live a good life

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    🙂 Thank You Doc. Good Night 🌛🌠

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    Good morning Dr🙌really great morning stretching their I’ve just gone through 🎉God Bless You I’m feeling great 🎉🙌ready for check up at dentist 🙏❤️💯

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    Ty, I’ll start these in the morning ❤

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    Thanks blessed man of God
    Dr.Mandell, I’ve been doing your exercises 🙏❤️🙏

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    Get it happy❤

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    Genius for sure!!! Thanks 🎉❤😊

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