A Personal Journey: Psoriasis and Strep

A Personal Journey: Psoriasis and Strep

Strep throat is one of those illnesses that millions of parents have to deal with over time. Your kid goes off to daycare or goes off to school and they come home with a sore throat. At first it’s nothing more than a scratchy throat, or the kids yelled too much or they just have allergies or a light cold. And with no immediate fever or the thermometer being just over 99.0 degrees you complacently get tricked into thinking it’s just a little bug.

After a couple of days, the problem is still there. And for parents who suffer from psoriasis all of a sudden the rashes start to flare up!

Inflammation Guide wants to help the millions of Americans live better while they suffer from inflammation. The bad news is that exposure to strep throat is very likely to cause psoriasis patients to have additional instances. The good news is that there are things that can be done. This is also a personal story from our family to other families who have psoriasis and who may run into strep throat.

The bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes is highly contagious, and it spreads via droplets which occur when the ill person sneezes and coughs. The strep infection causes redness in the throat, along with irritation and inflammation. This will sound very familiar for those who suffer from psoriasis.

The connection between strep throat and psoriasis has been known for decades. Unfortunately, many people with psoriasis never bother to learn this. Many other psoriasis patients also fail to make the connection or may be too occupied with the ongoing worries of the COVID-19 pandemic to give this much thought.

Where things get interesting is that many of the guttate psoriasis outbreaks occur in people who may have no symptoms of strep throat at all. The instant psoriasis outbreak may be more severe than a normal outbreak. It may persist much longer even with treatment.

For the person who has psoriasis, there is a strong chance that they are going to need penicillin or amoxicillin prescribed. The strep may go away all on its own over the next few days or a week, but those who suffer from psoriasis may notice that their outbreaks are more persistent. There are a variety of plaque and guttate psoriasis medications that are already being taken, and topic lotions like Clobetasol or others may need to be used simultaneously. And if you use a psoriatic dandruff shampoo it’s a good time to make sure you aren’t running out.

The winter can be particularly challenging for psoriasis patients. Even for those of us who do not take oral biologics to treat psoriasis, it is still important to get those flu shots even if you didn’t need to be reminded during the time of COVID-19. It’s harder to do as much exercising in the winter because of weather, and that also translates to less time in the sun and less absorption of sunlight. All of this plays a role for psoriasis patients who are also trying to stay away from strep throat and the other illnesses.

Avoiding foods that contribute to inflammation is also a very good tool to fighting psoriasis during the time someone has strep in your house. You may get a worse than normal psoriasis outbreak even if you do not come down with any of the symptoms of strep throat.

While some of this has relied on public knowledge over the years, this is also a personal story of February 2021 (and prior years) from my family to yours.

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