A Surprising Way To Cleanse Fatty Liver – Dr. Berg On Liver Detoxification

Check out these unique and surprising tips to help cleanse a fatty liver.
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Today we’re going to talk about a unique way to cleanse a fatty liver. These tips may seem counterintuitive at first, but they work. 

The liver is about 3 and a half pounds, sits over the right side of the body, and has over 500 different functions. When someone starts to develop a fatty liver, there can be no symptoms at all. But, eventually, the person may start to develop a gut, and as the condition becomes more advanced, they may start to notice symptoms of a fatty liver, such as: 

• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Nausea
• Abdominal pain
• Right shoulder pain 
• Pain in the upper right trap
• Headaches on the right side
• Pain in the right rhomboid 

After years of inflammation from having a fatty liver, cirrhosis (scar tissue) builds up on the liver and can cause the person to lose the function of the liver and lose the ability to detoxify. It can also lead to the building up of excessive amounts of cortisol (the stress hormone) or excessive amounts of estrogen. A functional liver is really important in the detoxification and regulation of these two hormones. 

The other problem when you have less liver function is you get less bile production. This situation can lead to the inability to break down toxic waste and fats, and the inability to absorb certain vitamins and nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, K, omega 3 fatty acids, and more. 

There are two different categories of a fatty liver: 
• Fatty Liver – caused by drinking too much alcohol. 
• Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver (NAFL) – can be developed by eating poorly. 

The big thing that causes a fatty liver is fructose in the form of high fructose corn syrup. It is 20x more likely to cause fatty liver than any other sugars. Two of the most important nutrients for correcting or reversing a fatty liver are methionine and choline, and they are in foods that are higher in fat and protein. 

Fatty Liver Cleansing Tips: 
• Do a combination of cruciferous vegetables and fattier proteins (egg yolks, fish – but make sure they are grass-fed) 
• Get rid of the toxins and fat from the liver by doing a healthy ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting
• Take choline as a supplement (400 to 500mg)
• You can get methionine from quality protein 

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Thanks for watching! Consider these unique tips to help cleanse a fatty liver.

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    Now it’s time to get back on track for those of you (very small %, like 3 people) who got off track.

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    No Ads / No promotion / No sponsors.. just pure valuable information great work Dr.

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    At the age of 26 I had a fatty liver, for a couple years I did nothing about it. 15 months ago I start my journey. In 12 months I lost 83 pounds of fat and gain 27 pounds of muscle. All natural, eating the right food I recently got a check up and my live is doing very well and I’m so happy that I am taking care of myself. By the age of 30 I’ll be in the nest shape of my life!

  • Nikki says:

    August of this year my gastroenterologist told me that I had a fatty liver and my PP told me that I was on the verge of pre-diabetes. As a fan of Dr. Berg, I knew he would have advice I could follow. I watched this video and followed the given advice. It’s now October and my PP has confirmed that I no longer have a fatty liver and that I’m no where near pre-diabetes. Incredible! I thought it would be difficult but I followed your advice by following a ketogenic diet with a focus on cruciferous vegetables I also took choline. I have Hashimoto’s and Adenomyosis, this is the only Doctor that has helped me to make sense of the things I should eat and why. Amazing!

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    Hey there, Dr. Berg! I love your content and as a practitioner myself, it’s wonderful to tune into your videos when I am searching for deeper answers to something. I am curious about liver detoxification when someone is sulfur intolerant? Sulfur is so necessary for detoxification along with so many other functions, but what can be done when high sulfur foods send someone into major anxiety attacks, hives, and really other unpleasant symptoms? When they take out high sulfur foods, everything clears up and they are even tempered. Pathway 2 is definitely struggling (estrogen dominance, multiple chemical sensitivities, emf sensitivity, etc). It’s been an interesting process trying to understand this. I’d love to hear your thoughts or a video surrounding sulfur intolerance and liver detox as literally NO ONE has talked about these two simultaneously. Thanks in advance and have a wonderful weekend! ❤🎉

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    I’m back, after a pretty long time. I fell off the wagon through the pandemic – lots of anxiety eating that included loads of sugar! Dr. Berg, you are the best. I am now seriously commiting to these pillars to cleanse my liver and get healthier. Thank you! I will definitely share notable milestones with you.

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      Hello there, I’m totally thrilled by your beautiful profile and comment’s..do you mind friendship?

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      The pandemic did the same to me… my problem became boredom, I eat when bored.. alas it took my doctor till now I’ve been in need of changing for 2 years or more.. glad ya back on ya wagon…

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      Me too I was doing keto and fasting I lost 75 lbs during the pandemic I also got a lot of anxiety and depression and I gained all my weight back and more,time to get back to eating clean, keto and fasting again

  • Trivial says:

    So I came here after being diagnosed of Steatosis: fatty liver grade 1

    I followed your advice on intermittent fasting+ keto diet+ apple cider vinegar + lemon+ stevia+ Vitamin E and regular exercise.

    It’s one month today and it’s gone.
    Thanks Doc. ❤️😊

  • New Liver! New life! says:

    Thank you Dr. Eric for posting this video on treating your liver with respect. As we all know you can’t live without a liver and I know that for a fact. I’m a nine month post liver transplant recipient. I was a police officer for 30 years and during that time I nearly drank myself to death. I may have been Superman but I couldn’t deal with the responsibility’s and Demons of job without drinking in excess. I’ve started making YouTube videos honoring our nations warriors. Please take a look. The title is New Liver New Life!.

    Thank you in advance,

    Sergeant Todd Thomas I. D. 144, retired!!!!!

    By the way, 19 months alcohol free and now I’m wearing the cape again . I have now been reborn as Superman!

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    Dr Berg you’re the best. You’re saving my life with every video I’m watching from you. Since watching your videos late last year I haven’t been to the doctor. Its actually been little over a year now.

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    I have always loved your videos, Dr. Berg. I am now starting healthy keto, exercising and doing IF. I will be checking my liver enzymes again after a month.

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    Dr Berg is a real doctor who sees health holistically and is not just a pharma sales guy. You explain how organs work together, connection with nutrition and supplements and more importantly you explain the root cause of deficiencies and illnesses! Doctors do need know these, they don’t know what supposed and nutrition can do. They even mock nutrition.
    Thank you for your service

  • André Viruez says:

    I want to thank you Dr Berg for all your videos on liver health and fasting. I was diagnosed with a small 4mm benign tumor and fatty liver back in 2017. It progressed to NASH with 17% liver fat and the tumor grew to 2cm as well. Well after watching your videos I immediately started fasting 16 hours and eating only organic cruciferous veggies, the kale, kefir and blue berry smoothie, eggs, bacon, whole lemon with water all blended, raw onions, sardines, cod liver …. everything you teach to the T. I cut out carbs and sugar completely from my diet. WELL UNBELIEVABLY in only 3 months after another MRI and hida scan of my liver the findings are amazing. First of all the tumor is completely gone and I no longer have NASH but a very mild fatty liver, only 7% after only 3 months. My triglycerides went from 389 to144. My cholesterol is still a little high 207 but I feel remarkable not to mention that I lost 25 pounds went from 185 lbs to 160 lbs. This has now become a lifestyle … THANK YOU and may GOD bless you always.

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