Dave McKinnon

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    Thanks! I can’t wait to try this tonight!

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    Live long and prosper.

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    I need to use this method for my husband. ❤Thanks ❤️

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    Thanks Dr

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    Love this Doctor..❤❤

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    Watch Doc pass out because he put himself to sleep in front of us 😂

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    Thank you Dr.Mandell ❤💜

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    Thanks so much it really works😊

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    Thanks doc, I will try just about anything to sleep thoughly🎉🎉🎉

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    God Bless you Dr M 🤗👍

  • @bianchaesson1441 says:

    If you take that down just a fraction further, to the big line that’s called the heart line, applying pressure there can arrest a heart problem. Also, pressure on either side of the tip of the little finger is very helpful to a person having a heart problem. I’ve done these points myself when my heart was in a bad way. It works!! Quickly.

  • @juliawah8674 says:

    For my experience, the greatest anti anxiety is that hugs❤❤❤❤🙂🙂 and nothing can ever works more powerful than that one

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    That was cool! Thank you

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    Thank you Dr Mandell ❤ ❤😮

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    We will do it !!!😇💕👏👏👏

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    Thank you for sharing.

  • @NothingMaster says:

    I’m NOT trying to be obnoxious or facetious here, I’m merely stating the fact: Ever since I’ve been watching your channel, I find myself poking me all over to treat one ailment or another. And my baady keeps thanking me. 😅

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    Tq I will try ❤❤ Malaysia

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    Thank you

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    I love ❤️ you Dr. Mandel

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