Are you are eating the WRONG part of the zucchini!?

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Join Dr. Gundry as he reveals the right way to prepare and eat zucchinis for a lectin-free diet! 🥒 Plus, learn about the incredible health benefits of zucchini blossoms and why they're a popular choice in other parts of the world. 🌼 Don't miss out on these amazing tips for a healthier lifestyle. Subscribe to Gundry MD for more expert advice! 🔔👍

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Dave McKinnon

  • Morning Wood Farms says:

    Oooh…please Dr. Gundry…show a short of the blooms being used in recipes! 🙏🌺💖 #Inspiration

  • Deb Tracton says:

    Thanks for the blossom recipe!

  • Bobby says:

    I’ll pass. Not worth the time and trouble to prepare them.

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