Dave McKinnon

  • Lilleybugglane says:

    We call it white coat syndrome… patients get so nervous before the appt… no wonder so many people are charted with high BP… 🇺🇸

    • angel of knowledge says:

      More like clinical staff takes the BP immediately. Listen to what this man stated. If it was white coat syndrome, it would be high after the physical activity has alleviated. You’re in a hurry

  • Katherine Genge says:

    I certainly can relate I was just at the doctor’s office not too long ago and I enjoyed a cigarette in a moment later they were asking for my arm and I knew I wasn’t going to have an accurate reading from climbing stairs and smoking increased my blood pressure and now they want me to come back when I told them they didn’t give me a minute to relax you give me so much good advice doctor especially those pressure point tips I really share them with my family cuz they work

  • Joanne Rudow says:

    We don’t have control over that they talk to you etc, usually in a hurry and we pick up on their hurrying us. We have to tell them to let us relax first!

  • Conni Randwúlf says:

    Excellent advice. Also, if you actually do have high blood pressure, please research using grapefruit juice to control it. Thank you Doctor, for teaching us to take good care of ourselves. ❤

  • Estelle Zimmerman says:

    My blood pressure is always higher in the doctors office. I get very nervous as soon as I enter the room.

  • Joyce Faulkner says:

    Thanks Doc !!! Very needful information ❤

  • Elna Naude says:

    And that happens very frequently as the doctor’s office. One would think the doctor knows better! 😢

  • Lala Land says:

    They always take mine as soon as I sit down, which makes it high. My old doctor realized this, and she would wait until SHE came in to see me to take my blood pressure because she wanted a more accurate reading.

  • Kara Hamil says:

    Well if I told the nurse to wait a few mins before she can take my BP she’d either laugh or walk out !

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    I reall needed to know this .thank you Dr Mandell ❤❤

  • Mel Safken says:

    ABSOLUTELY makes sense to me!

  • Peter McArdle says:

    Hi Dr Mandell 🤗❤️ Love you Doc ❤️👍🙏

  • Susan Y says:

    Yes I’ve related to this in the past and now I take my blood pressure at home a few days before an appointment, it’s definitely worth it. Thank You Dr great video on this🙏❤️

  • arneth Peebles says:

    I believe that is so true.

  • anne gillespie says:

    So True, 🤗This happens to me !😊

  • Rob S. says:

    If we can show them this vid clip then I’m sure they’d honor that hopefully. You know how they are or how they can be in some of these places Doc. Thanks for this and everything else 👌

  • Gloria F says:

    This is me!! Thank you doctor!!❤

  • Dorothy Lee says:

    absolutely correct Dr Mandell I agree 💯👍🏾

  • Angel Lee says:

    That’s why my good doctor lets them take it then does it himself. He has done so for years .👍🏽

  • Dagga19k says:

    When people come to the pharmacy and ask me to take their blood pressure, I always ask first if they recently drank some coffee, if they’ve walked a lot before coming.
    Then I tell them to sit down for at least 3 minutes, and when I put the tensiometer on their wrist, I tell them not to talk, and leave far from them so that they won’t be stressed. 😊

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