Dave McKinnon

  • Billye Buzis says:

    Have a great week!💕

  • zzt231gr says:

    But canned food ia unhealthy for many reasons!

    BPA and sterilization for example!!

  • Melissa Lipka says:

    You’re an angel!! Thanks for all of the wonderful tips Doc!!❤️🙏

  • Malakai says:

    Love sardines

  • shylow libra says:

    Any kinds ?

  • Louis Haddon says:

    Don’t like the sardines I go the cod liver oil lemon flavor route much more taste friendly.

  • Janani S says:

    Pls sir give solution for gas problem on my centre of back plz can’t able bend or sit

  • Lisa says:

    Taste is gross 🤢

  • Guy H. says:

    When I don’t feel like having the wife around, I get out the sardines and put them on toast. 😁

  • Linda Freund says:

    sardines on crunchy toast – in the morning- it’s a treat! Good source of protein too.

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Thank you for sharing Doc always tell my sista to eat sardines and her body will Love her❤❤

  • Rita L says:

    Everything you are saying is helping me. My body love you, I feel it’s helping. And I love sardines, just 1 question, does it matter if in water or oil? I’m listening to only you, just cause I’m already feeling better 💕

    • Rita L says:

      Ps I put vinegar in mine which should help. I buy Italian dressing squeeze out the oil over the sink. Holding bottle straight up to get all of the oil out. Then I add olive oil, and more vinegar. Which I love also. Is the sardine oil OK if I add my vinegar?

  • Requiem for a Tuesday says:

    Allergic to shellfish/cod, is there an alternative?

  • Shabnam Parveen says:

    Can low BP patients take it?

  • Laurie Anne Rodriguez says:

    The sardine diet!

  • Jean paul Tongeren says:

    Doc. Can you make a video on the different Omega 3. Some people think they can get Omega 3 from plants. But thats only partly true. Because there is animal EPA and DHA. and pland based ALA

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