Dave McKinnon

  • Annette Lalzare says:

    Adorable ❤

  • Country Cottage Contessa says:

    Sweeter 😁
    Good info.Thanks!

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Good morning mother and son. Thank you for all this sweet videos you do together to help us stay healthy ❤❤

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Blessed Sunday to two sweet soul ❤

  • Patrick James says:

    Bless your heart. You’re a good man

  • Jessica Marie😇💙 says:

    lol aww 🥰 also thanks for the upload I’ve been experiencing this

  • Kim Stahl says:

    Love this ❤

  • Variesh says:

    Thanks to doc Alan Mandell, I stopped eating refined sugar and all dessert like things in late may 2023. The only sweet things I have are fruit, a bit of honey, and some sugar free drinks sometimes. I know I need to give up the sugar free drinks next because aspartame isnt good for people either. I also eat less processed foods and do more cooking and blending. I feel better. More energy. Better sleep. Thanks for the guidance and motivation doc!

  • Sheila E. says:

    I love me some mama❤❤ she’s so funny “Doesn’t that make me sweeter?”v😂😂🤣

  • K G says:

    This was adorable. Love how you call your Mom, “Mama”. 💛

  • Michelle Hasty says:

    She’s so sweet!!

  • Jana Bell says:

    You need to do more of these videos with your Mama! Love her!!

  • edu haile says:

    Lucky you dr your mum looks so healthy and happy. So sweet to see you your beloved mum dr. Have a blessed Sunday all

  • Boloyi Boloyi says:

    Dr Mandell you and your Mom are very good people
    Thanks about the advise on candy🙏🙏🙏

  • G says:

    Some people age beautifully and become children again… They witness full life-cycle 😊😊😊

  • Johnny Ortiz says:

    Your best video yet! Your mom is a superstar! Love her! More videos with her in it!

  • Deborah DeMarco says:

    Your mom is too cute. She’s like me with my candy in container in my refrigerator. I eat candy everyday. I know how bad it is for my body but it’s hard to kick the sugar habit. I use raw honey in my tea and coffee but I crave candy after dinner. 😮

  • Jim West says:

    You are a very, very lucky man

  • Samira Nouinou says:

    Waw u both too sweet ❤❤❤may God protect u and bless u.u such a wonderful guy I’m sure u taking care of your Mum that is certainly so proud of u.

  • tessie agius says:

    Big hug to your mum ❤thanks so much Dr Mandell

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