Dave McKinnon

  • Sally Thomas says:

    Great message Dr

  • Anthony White says:

    Thank you

  • Carmen Ramirez says:

    You’re totally right!!
    Thank You Doc !! ♥️🙏
    Many blessings to you and yours!! 🌍

  • Frank Bruno says:

    The doctor is correct. Remember when we would go to a movie and consume snacks? Goobers, Raisinettes, licorice, salty artificial buttered popcorn and then wash it down with a super jumbo Coca-Cola. Those were the days. Fifty pounds of excess weight and most of your teeth with cavities. THE GOOD OLD DAYS!

    • Carlos Santana says:

      You must have been raised by rich folks, theater snacks are $$$ we went to the drive-in theater and we brought burritos and kool-Aid to snack on. But we loved it.

    • Mollie Lambert says:

      We snuck our own lunches in the walk in theater our own popcorn tea healthy sandwich the 50’s n 60’s

  • D. Hamilton says:

    Thank you, Dr.Mandell! ❤ D❤

  • Anna Browning says:

    And I’d put alcohol somewhere near the top of your list, although you left it out all together.

  • Nazia T says:

    Thank you sir

  • Rhonda R says:

    Thank you, Dr! Can you please talk about SIBO? Many people need to know about bacteria overgrowth. It is dangerous.

  • Laticia Alexander says:

    100% thank you for confirming Doc ❤

  • Margaret Britt Gray says:

    So True!
    Thank You!!!

  • Debra Godwin says:

    Thank you so much

  • Mollie Lambert says:

    100% right thank you Dr. Mandel

  • Sheri Neeman says:

    Thank You !!!!!😊

  • Annette Lalzare says:

    Thank you so much doc. This is very valuable information.

  • Shimaria Portee says:

    Hi Dr Mandell ❤😊 can you please talk about foods for weight loss benefits?

  • Susan Y says:

    Soo well said Dr M! Good healthy foods give us mental stability diminishing the negative words coming out of the mouth.

  • CJ B says:

    That is so true! That’s me, every day!! 😂 Thank you, Doc! 😅😊

  • Elaine Evans says:

    I really need this information Dr. Mandell, getting Alzheimers or dementia scares me.

  • Louise Gabriela says:

    Thank YOU DR.💥💫🕊🕊

  • Jackie Ward says:

    Thank you my friend , your the best ,all the best,be safe ❤

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