Dave McKinnon

  • @maxinesimonelli7383 says:

    Lost weight. Excerising every morning chicken and fish….did it

  • @cathylehman7538 says:

    Got off of sugar1.5 yes ago. 69, still working full time job keeping mentally acute. I am rocking it🎉

  • @DarkKnight-fx1ei says:

    Looking good Doc!

  • @fightthebully3331 says:

    Well said!

  • @sixpackbinky says:

    You’re so correct.❤❤❤

  • @jaketrat3725 says:

    Your the best and motivate me a lot

  • @Human_on_earth_1 says:

    Thanks Doc for guiding to make positive lifestyle changes by having balanced diet, excercise and self care.

  • @azamatt3018 says:

    Overeating and sweets is my problem luckily im non stop active or id be overweight.

  • @user-yn6xl7po8r says:

    Thankyou Dr Mandell, watching your videos has change me a lot .thankyou

  • @dominiquevalbrun290 says:

    Wow, just what I needed tonight! 😔 😟 🙁

  • @Amp1771 says:

    This is timely

  • @margaretbrittgray3278 says:

    Beautiful Blessed Words of Wisdom ❤😊
    Thank you and GOD Bless ❤🙏❤️

  • @lourdesgarrotelima4681 says:

    Thank you❤

  • @-16_ says:

    So true on my travels i have not seen a huge number in obesity and realising those people are hard working ❤️

  • @glennlopez6772 says:

    The right people should be paying attention!

  • @adi1017 says:

    Si voi sa aveti o zi placuta !
    Multumim! 👍

  • @user-wp8eo7js3b says:

    بارك الله فيك دكتورنا الغالي🌹🤍

  • @user-ct6id9es5z says:

    Thanks Dr.Mandell 😊 ❤

  • @sandragrace4613 says:

    This is great! The talk we needed! Bless you. 🌸🌱🌸

  • @stephaniepiazzese2602 says:

    I’ve made lots of positive changes, Dr Mandell. Since listening to you for 55 days, home sick w/ COVID. And now well again. This was a tough time, but really gave me time to look at my habits and diet,,, I’m actually CRAVING BETTER FOODS, and breathing deeper, and you’ve made a huge impact. ❤❤❤❤

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