Dental Implant Overdentures and Cognitive Function

Chewing pressure sensations to the nerves in the jaw have neurological effects.

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @melissadoherty4370 says:

    What about all the bacteria that surrounds the implant deep down? Similar to a root canal? Apparently that wreaks havoc on your system, can cause auto immune issues amongst other things. That’s why I refuse to have a root canal or a dental implant.

    • @Kayte... says:

      I’ve heard this too. Would like to see it looked into in depth. I can’t say if what I heard was from studies or antidotal.

    • @Apollo440 says:

      Research the materials used. I would recommend zirconia, which is not metal and therefore should not wreak havoc on your system.
      And get a second and third opinion from different types of doctors (as opposed of three doctors from one school so to speak) before removing a tooth. Chances are high, that it can be saved.

  • @carefulconsumer8682 says:

    Interesting general rule. But many of the smartest Floridians I know wear dentures. So there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. Or maybe they just have “well fitting dentures?” Glad to see more studies on these issues since one of the busiest oral surgeons around my area is the Affordable denture dentist who does A LOT of dentures nowadays with Bommers retiring by the thousands.

  • @deepakhiranandani6488 says:

    Fascinating. Thanks. Quite some time ago I read of Japanese research on senior citizens whose health and I think mental condition was improved when having chewy food versus soft food but I tried to find that article online again but simply could not. It seems reasonable though, as do the findings of this video. Simply improved blood flow due to chewing enhancing brain function seems logical.

  • @JudiintheKitchen says:


  • @beachvacay3184 says:

    I wish they would do that study. I’m missing a tooth in the back and cannot afford and implant.


      im missing 4 at age 35. and im in good health not a vagrant or anything, just ate too much sugar as kid. guess im fucked now

    • @beachvacay3184 says:

      @@LIFTINGTHEVEIL Same. Too much sugar and I was bad with brushing/flossing up until ten years ago or so.

  • @emilylouise158 says:

    Very interesting

  • @thomasrobinson4401 says:

    Oh, and here I am, thinking it would be sugar and insulin resistance. 🤔

  • @mosfet500 says:

    I’m almost 80 and am fastidious about dental health. When I was young a dentist damaged a molar which lead to losing several teeth on one side of my mouth. Fortunately I have good insurance and a good oral surgeon and three implants later my mouth is in excellent shape. My advice, if you can afford implants get them, my implants feel the same as my real teeth.

    My cognitive function? I’m still working in electronic engineering and transposing 5 different mathematical bases daily.

    • @shaneashby5890 says:

      How painful were the implants and how long until you could chew food and be pain free?

      I need to get a tooth removed and trying to decide if I should go implant or a denture. Cheers

    • @Apollo440 says:

      Sidenote to that:
      Get non-metal and non-BPA materials into your mouth, whenever possible.
      Example: zirconia implants or ceramic fillings.
      Those are more expensive, true. But they impare your health much less than any metal or BPA material, leaking unwanted substances into your bloodflow 24/7.

    • @Apollo440 says:

      @@shaneashby5890 The good Dr. G said it in this video – a study made on patients with dentures showed no positive effects on mental health, when patients who got implants received all the benefits. IMHO: try to get a second opinion on that “have to get a tooth removed”. I bet that all you need is to get the inflammation away, fill in the cavity and you’re good to go. There are also “crowns”, where an artificial tooth is screwed onto the remaining part of your tooth, thus using your own roots, instead of removing them and replacing with an implant.

    • @mosfet500 says:

      @@shaneashby5890 It does take a relatively long time but zero pain for me after three implants. If there’s a bad tooth that has to be pulled you have to wait about four months before the implant can be placed. Mine were molars, in fact, the largest molars in my mouth so they were sizeable implants. Once the implant is in you have to wait another four months before the crown can be placed. Also the surgeon has to check to make sure you have enough bone mass for the implant. The procedure itself only takes about 20 or 30 minutes.

      My first implant was about three or four years ago and the third last year (2023) all are fine, zero pain and work like any other tooth in my mouth so I highly recommend them. All the rest of my teeth are excellent so I’ve never had dentures, bridges, etc.

      As I said I take very good care of my mouth as I know how integral to health it is. I floss everyday and wrap the floss around the bottom of the teeth with implants to make sure they’re clean under the crown. Only takes a few seconds to keep them clean.

      Very important, you’ll need a good surgeon and a very good dentist just like any other medical procedure, I fortunately have both.

      Good luck!

  • @kateelderson says:

    Wow Dr Greger! This is amazing. Please visit again.

  • @kerrybyers257 says:

    Wow. Dental care will finally be covered by all health insurances and Medicare! Yeah, right.

    • @Kayte... says:

      One would think it would be covered since the health of our mouth affects so much besides the mouth. And dental care is so expensive!

  • @notsurenone2199 says:


  • @leviotten says:

    both strange but very obvious when you consider how various studies in the past have also linked things like overall risk of mortality to flossing.

    Your whole body is linked in ways you couldnt even guess.

  • @sojournern says:

    I’d be interested in exploring more about chewing gum. I’ve heard xylitol is of value for teeth.

  • @Apollo440 says:

    Thanks Dr. G!
    Astounding stuff as always.
    And another valid argument for the “whole food” part in the worlds healthiest diet:
    Any whole, unprocessed food needs chewing more than the smoothie diet or a bucket of slimfast, large fries and a burger, a packet of chips and a bar of chocolate combined.

  • @velatoget says:

    I saw some people saying that removing your wisdom teeth makes you less wise. Amazing to learn that there’s some truth to that.

  • @MrsBridgette2012 says:

    I guess there’s always an exception. For instance, George Washington lost his teeth at a very early age. He started wearing dentures in his early twenties. There’s no historical evidence that he had developed dementia by the time he died at the age of 67.

  • @jencollier8306 says:

    Amazing!!!! Hygienist jumping in the air for more of this content!!!🎉😂❤

  • @psbjr says:

    This raises the question of whether it is better to drink smoothies or chew your vegetables. I always suspected chewing was superior but didn’t have a good reason other than intuition.

  • @shellym79 says:

    Now if a single implant wasn’t $6000 where i lived this my be useful information.

  • @DivergentDroid says:

    Most insurance won’t cover implants because it’s believed they are cosmetic. Use this information to get insurance companies to cover implants due to the medical necessity of maintaining brain health – especially state and federal systems like Medicaid and Medicare. Do that, and you’ll be a real Hero.

  • >