Doctor Exposes Fake Superfoods! | Superfood or Super-Fad?

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Dave McKinnon

  • @LifeByKpop says:

    🔨 Nailed it! Right with ya Doc.

  • @The_Helle says:

    Hello! What about Black cumin (The Black Seed)? Is this a superfood?

  • @grandpachas1267 says:

    What about ‘teff’?

  • @jeannorton4515 says:

    Please give me your expertise on “peanut butter” a food I love and eat frequently, but I have heard it isn’t good to eat. Thank you!

    • @avarysse5782 says:

      Get the natural kinds – they cost more and eat alot less of it. I still have a tiny bit of it with a few bites of banana a few times a week.

    • @loinguyen3552 says:

      In his other videos, peanut is loaded with lectin. This, it is a no on a list.

    • @avarysse5782 says:

      @@loinguyen3552 It’s true, I see them listed in most every list of what to avoid unfortunately. Best to make your own small batches & maybe try to pressure cook them & hope it takes some lectins out? At least Oxlates can be eaten if you add calcium supplement or food to bind & remove it. It’s all a shame, such good food !

    • @lbar9720 says:

      It’s full of protein, and fibre; get the one that is Natural without added oils and Sugar. This Doctor is only sharing his opinion on these foods, there are many Cardiologists who don’t agree with him. Check out Dr Esselstyn, he is Top in his field.

  • @cubannel12 says:

    Excellent tips and warning video. Thank you for the reminder of those things that can be considered healthy but are not. One thing that could have been included is that quinoa can be replaced with Sorghum. Just remember to eat it in moderation because it’s a starchy food.

  • @John-kd1bf says:

    In the future, I hope Dr. Gundry ranks oatmeal on his super food or fad list. I know so many people who eat organic oatmeal and think they are eating a super food.

    • @Baby-Dont-Hurt-Me-007 says:

      Oatmeal is a superfood. Just look at NBA NFL NHL MLB college athletes… Dwayne Johnson Olympic athletes any smart person knows oatmeal is a superfood. Remember I just listed the top tier of athletic people in the world

    • @iam20811 says:

      Dr G said is superfad for the lectins

    • @wendybinnj says:

      it will make your neighing strong and healthy

  • @viveviveka2651 says:

    I’d like to see something about figs, both fresh and dried. Supposedly, they are often found to contain molds and aflatoxins inside. Are some safe, though? How to find the safe ones?
    Interestingly, our closest great-ape relatives have been found to eat lots of figs. Supposedly, they often get 50% or more of their calories from figs!!

  • @user-cf7yt9ff3l says:

    I would like to know about dark chocolate. It is hard to find one that doesn’t have lecithin or some other emulsifier. Since cell membranes are made of fatty acids, don’t emulsifiers damage them?

  • @reggiedunlop2222 says:

    Love the Moka Pot in the background Dr. G ☕️

  • @sevdasdf4041 says:

    Thank u dr gaundry❤

  • @ClebertReinaldo says:

    You should make clear that Açaí is not sweet. Sugar is added to it. I eat açai without sugar.

  • @luzabreu3349 says:

    How long do we need to pressure cook the chickpeas?

  • @brucecarver518 says:

    What about Yerba Mate as a green tea. Does Green Yerba Mate have a valuable level of Polyphenols ?

  • @christinanilsson1122 says:

    I love to listen to you dr Gundry but I can’t stand the background music. What you have to say is interesting enough.

  • @dianemanson7756 says:

    He forgot to mention, though he has in the past, that you can buy chickpeas already pressure cooked. Jovial & Eden are 2 brands that sell them canned.

  • @julianschweitzer5492 says:

    Would like to see a video on real superfoods: like beef liver,
    lamb brains and lamb heart

  • @mawjama831 says:

    I have a very bad food allergy, against almost every grain, like chickpeas, but I always try to find an alternative food or ways, so I can eat some of the grains, there for i soaked the chickpeas for several days, changing the water every 10 hrs, then Pressure cooked in 1 hrs, but when I ate it, I became sick again and it didn’t work for me this time but it might work for others. I knew I was allergic to it and I’m still to it.
    Thank you my Doctor, I have lent a lot from you, many of your advices were really helpful.

  • @gm7304 says:

    Dude your glasses are totally geeking you look terrific. I’m going on 5 years whole foods.

  • @gm7304 says:

    🏋‍♀Gundry You are Super Badd🏋‍♀💪 Thank You..

  • @popcopone5172 says:

    wanted to know more on the soaking process.

    how many hours?

    does the changes of water have to be at the very end, one after the other, or hours appart?

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