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    Thx doc !

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    I do this when I’m around my mother-in-law, and her family 😊

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    Thanks again.

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    Thanks, Doc. God bless u always β€οΈβœοΈπŸ™

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    thank you thank you thank you

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    You Rock Doc!!! ❀

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    Your dedication to producing top-tier content is truly remarkable

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    Thank your for protecting us from Magneto, professor.

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    This is good

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    Thank You Dr❀️

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    You are a genius! I really love your videos. Thank you!

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    Doesn’t work

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    Thank you Dr Mandell

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    Have you ever thought of writing a book So people can always have it in their hands. when needed. With all the difference things we can do to help ourselves. I have learnt so much how my body works Thank you ever so much.
    Always look at your pages first cause you do have a fantastic advice how to do things. Self help Do hope you read this

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      Thanks for bringing this book matter up I was thinking of that as well because there is a lot of advice and they all assist us. I will definitely buy his book😊❀

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    Are we doing it eyes closed or open ?

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    The earth is actually flat for all intent and purpose though

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