Eat Amino Acid-Rich Foods Instead of Collagen Supplements? | Dr. Gundry Podcast

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Are collagen supplements really the answer to youthful skin and healthy joints? In this eye-opening video, we reveal the truth about collagen supplements and why they DON'T work as advertised. Instead, learn about the amino acids responsible for building collagen and the delicious foods that provide them, including nuts, avocados, Parmesan cheese, and more!

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Dave McKinnon

  • Sara Gracie says:

    ❤1which specific nuts? Other types of cheese?

  • Sara Gracie says:

    ❤1what SPECIFIC name of amino acids

  • Tami DeMeyer says:

    What about collagen in powder form? To add to coffee, protein shakes etc?

  • Chaya Lucafo says:

    What about EGGS….they have all 12 amino acids…

  • Sharon Cherian says:

    But nowadays fibroblasts building proteins are of focus

  • Komal Gulati says:

    Marine vs bovine collagen for skin?

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