Dave McKinnon

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    Thank you from NYC 🗽🗽 appreciate you always

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    Thanks a million, Doc.!

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    Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

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    Love your creativity, it’s inspiring!

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    Dr. Mandell, you are the best.

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    Thank you Dr. Mandell for this extremely important information on how to lower blood sugar. You are the best.❤😊

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    Amen ❤ That’s for sure ❤ Thank you, Doctor Mandell ❤️

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    Thank you for letting us know this God bless you

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    بارك الله فيك دكتورنا الغالي🌹🤍

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    I had no idea
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    I really appreciate ur selflessness. Thank you.

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    Doc. Always a pleasure.😊

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    Doctor mandell, you are a man with the HEART of an Angel, clothes in human form! Assigned to minister healing to the sick lamed and afflicted! Thank you for having yours viewers interest at heart! We Love You DOC! GOD Blessed you always!!!!!!!

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    I love how you get straight to the point and your practical advice,things that can easily be done❤

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    Thank you so much Dr God Bless you 🙏❤️

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    That’s why traditionally people eat dessert after the meal.There’s a lot of wisdom in some traditions. They access good common sense.

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    Thank you! I appreciate everything I am learning from you ❤

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    BLESS YOU.. for making our bodies souls and minds know better and understand GOD creation. Thank you for always reminding us that our bodies will thank us 🙏♥️

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