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I never get tired of saying it: real food heals. Food has the power to prevent and reverse disease, and the more we know about it, the more power we have to curate a targeted diet to help us reach our health goals. The catch is that we have to choose the right foods, the ones that elevate us, and simultaneously ditch the poor-quality ones that harm us. There are powerful compounds in foods—like curcumin, genistein, catechins, lycopene, resveratrol, quercetin—that have medicinal impacts on the body. That’s why I call the grocery store the drug store; we can literally eat our medicine at every meal.

My guest this week on The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. William Li, is here to tell us all about eating to beat disease and making the idea that food is medicine second nature. You may also be surprised to find out that angiogenesis, or how the body forms blood vessels, is a common denominator in creating optimal health. William Li, MD, is a world-renowned physician, scientist, speaker, and author of Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself. He is best known for leading the Angiogenesis Foundation.

Dr. Hyman is an 11-time New York Times bestselling author, family physician and international leader in the field of Functional Medicine. His podcast, The Doctor's Farmacy, is a place for deep conversations about the critical issues of our time in the space of health, wellness, food and politics. New episodes are released every Wednesday here on YouTube, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Patricia Burke says:

    Wonderfully informative interview! Our educational system should insist on every child/ teenager, student being taught good nutrition and removing junk foods from the schools. Also, the chemtrails need to be examined so that no harmful chemicals are sprayed on our produce. Even organic farmers cannot control these jets. Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information and advice. God bless you both for caring first and foremost about people! Very refreshing!👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻❤️

    • flowersunshinemtn says:

      sadly the vast majority of people are still eating conventional, or toxic, food, that is food treated with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. — this has got to change!!

    • Penny Kent says:

      So many people are not aware of the dangers of chemtrails, nor do they seem to care when I talk about it. I think it’s just EVIL that the powers that be are allowing this kind of poison ☠️ to be dropped on us.
      Just like back in the day when they passed out free cigarettes to our servicemen. The guys were so appreciative, little did they know this very product would get them hooked and kill a great many of them. But the maker of those cigarettes knew it. They knew it from day one, but still gave them out freely and generously.😈☠️

    • jini MURRAY says:

      Penny Kent
      I would love to know all you know about chemtrails. My phone has a problem & wont let me “read more”
      Every time I see a chem trail I pray &
      Ask GOD ( WHO CAN DO ANYTHING- jeremiah 32:27 &17)
      I ask please turn all this poison to nutrition- THANK YOU JESUS AMEN 🙏🏽

    • Spencer Brown says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you, junk foods should certainly not be allowed at schools!

    • Irishjay1369 says:

      I completely agree with you on everything you stated! Chemtrails are obvious to anyone who has vision and has any observational skills! A few days ago I woke up to a sunny day, only to walk outside and see a grid pattern of chemtrails all across the sky above my head. It was just glaringly obvious that those weren’t actual clouds! I just don’t understand why people don’t see them for what they are, detrimental to our health and environment!
      Junk school is awful, and it has no place in high schools, let alone elementary schools! It’s genocide and we the fools are falling for it!

  • Ame T. says:

    Such an important and great interview! Everything Dr. Li said regarding the power of food and health resonated with me so much. I’m definitely going to read his book! Thank you Dr. Hyman for bringing this to the public’s attention.

  • Daniel Rochester says:

    Great Stuff ! I have suffered from Crohns disease for over 30 years and very bad allergies ,on medication for both . I am currently off all medication. My Crohns is gone, I can breath through my nose without using Nasacort . I started drinking Kombucha tea, got rid of wheat products. Bread, pasta etc. Stopped eating refined products as well as dairy. I eat nothing processed . large organic salads, grass fed meat and eggs , drink kale shakes in the morning and eat nuts for a snacks. I can’t believe how great I feel .

  • Nancy Nunke says:

    I am curing myself of lung cancer right now all from food!

  • Holistic Health Transformation says:

    this conversation is mindblowing! it’s an eye-opener to all medical practitioners and medical schools. thanks, Dr Mark Hyman and Dr William Li. you are both our heroes in this food as medicine world.

    • nancy kinosz says:

      Program was very interesting.Need more of it. Pls provide more of enlightening information to listeners. Will stay tuned.

    • Paul Ordia says:


    • Alita Pearce says:

      I Enjoy this program, on health it is very interesting .

  • Diana Boughner says:

    Thank you both so much for this wonderful talk. A return to natural healthy foods is indeed a return to natural healthy bodies. 💞💞

  • donna lusti says:

    What’s tragic is that this is a bit of a “duh” yet almost no western trained doctors teachers or caretakers get it! Thanks to both of you!!

  • Mark Hamburg says:

    Totally amazing! Thank you both so much for your incredibly insightful and inspirational podcast!!!

  • Naomi Hunter says:

    “You are your own doctor and your food is your medicine.” My Mother, who was a Registered Nurse, said this so many times. She believed in prevention, and knew that your food was crucial to health. I thank her and what she taught daily. She was born in 1914, and you would think we would be further along on this journey.

  • Pamela Jones says:

    What a delightful conversation! I just love the work both of these men are doing.
    Speaking of the VA, many decades ago, when I was a young medical student in a rotation through the VA, I noticed some patients had very thick charts and some very thin. The one difference that jumped out was that the ones with the thin charts got regular exercise. I’m willing to bet they ate pretty healthy too.
    On a personal note, have always been interested in nutrition, but after a traumatic brain injury and now with cardiovascular disease I take it very seriously. I appreciate the efforts of all those working in the field of functional medicine and nutrition who have made a wealth of knowledge available. I feel healthier than in a long time, am working full time for the first time in awhile, and attribute it to eating well and using supplements judiciously.

  • Wendy K says:

    Any client who comes in to see healthy looking doctors like you guys has a confidence boost in your capabilities as doctors, on first sight. That you must know what to do but also follow your own advice is evident. Not easy for docs to do, for many who don’t look their part. You’re great examples of what you teach. That’s a powerful message in itself.

    • Cynthia Dixon says:

      Wendy in meds school they Don’t teach about food and nutrition drugs is the answer for some of these doctors

  • goharik jones says:

    How refreshing to hear these two brilliant Doctor’s not pushing pills down you…thank you for helping people. Much appreciated !

  • Pete adams says:

    I learned a lot in this area when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer! Hey.. I’m still here 4 years on! I’m looking at combination nutrition that includes ketosis strategies and anti inflammatory, antioxidant and antiangeogenesis foods and beverages. Interesting synergy with many and coupled with positive mindset and mental conditioning is a powerful force to be reckoned with! Kudos to this man pushing against the medical restraints! 👍🙏

    • Hector Garza says:

      Hope all is well God bless you

    • Epigenetic Nerd says:

      Yes it gets complicated because one group makes fair points on ketosis. Then others say their cancer did great with fruits and veggies.

    • Metaorange says:

      @Epigenetic Nerd I believe cancer need a multipronged approach. It took awhile to get to the point of getting noticed and, hopefully, diagnosed! Metabolism is complex and thus metabolic disease (all “disease”?!) are complex. Fortunately the solution or solutions are often quite simple for what seems complex to us because God our Creator is simple (has no parts aka spiritual)!

    • J . P Goodwin says:

      @Epigenetic Nerd We are all different, some can handle the plant toxins better than others, after all to survive as species plants have developed potent toxins to protect from predators , after all they can’t just outrun their predators and any that exist now have effective defences

  • Elizabeth Roque Miller says:

    Very healthy conversation, very educational, Two good doctors talk about how our own stem cells in the body will work well, the right foods to eat , what’s not good., oh wow incredible information. They discuss almost everything.
    Thank you so much Dr.
    Hyman and Dr. Li … Great Doctors, I salute you both!

  • Gloria Adams says:

    Dr. William Li will be a great person to handle the Department of Health or CDC. His knowledge of science, health, food and common sense is absolutely remarkable.

  • Nop Jack says:

    Thank you Dr. Hyman for always sharing your honest information about staying healthy, being healthy and healing our bodies with food. It ALL starts with changing our minds and changing our paradigms. We HAVE a decision to make…we must discipline ourselves to EAT our medicine daily…no more pills!!

  • Mark Hyman, MD says:

    Get my FREE guide 3 Steps to Reverse Aging when you sign up for my weekly health picks 👉

    • Irishjay1369 says:


    • Winsome Newsome says:


    • Telesia Lolesio says:

      Thanks Mark so much I’m 66yrs old and a pensioner my only daughter brought me here to the Gold Coast QLD AUSTRALIA.

    • Kamlouti Singh says:

      G p 9

  • A D says:

    The fact that these basic ideas are “radical” or “unheard of in medical school” is insane. Bravo to this man and his work. If only more brilliant doctors would use their common sense.

  • Charlotte Greer says:

    This was a fantastic podcast, I am a physical trainer and have always thought that food should be used as medicine but pushed it to the back of my mind as I and my family became seduced by the Marketing industry. You and Dr. Li have been a kind and authoritative voice in showing us all how to evolve and work together with other industrial sectors ( energy, food, retail, etc). Starting from a positive place of managing our health, yet non -judgemental and giving people hope that they can help themselves if they have to combat a condition/disease.

    • Bluebird gramma says:

      Yep. Certain foods for some people will make them sick, while same food may heal others. Our bodies are Different because of our forefathers dna….just my opinion.

    • Olga Marchenko says:

      Both are the best. Thank YOU!!!’

  • Lucia Gorea says:

    Bravo! Thank you, Dr. Hyman and Dr. Li for such an amazing and informative conversation.

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