Fatty Liver is More Dangerous than You Might Realize. Here’s How to Heal It

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Fatty liver is a dangerous yet misunderstood disease. In America, it affects 90 million of us and 17 percent of our children.

Dave McKinnon

  • Liver Medic says:

    We are so very happy that credible Doctors like Dr. Hyman spend so much time on this super important topic. Remember, the liver has no nerves, this contributes to the under diagnosis and nearly 1 in 3 Americans have fatty liver. Thanks again Dr Hyman.

  • Alison Harbour says:

    Thank you, Doctor, I’ve taken note of your advice! I always wondered why I was the same build as I was in my teens, and yet was making fat all around my abdomen – carbs, of course! Since learning from your videos and those of other docs who promote ‘higher fat, lower carb’ diets, I am doing great. I was diagnosed as coeliac five years ago at the age of 50 and my NHS clinic really need to know about these dreadful refined carbs, yes, gluten free ones, which I now reject. Many thanks from the UK!

    • Lee Sires says:

      I’m in terrible pain. Ct scan, ultra scan, and Tues see a GI doc. They said I have a fatty liver and liver enzymes are a little high. It feels like my abdominals muscles are on fire and it’s really painful where my liver is. Take care of your health

  • movie guy99 says:

    How is there not a massive class action lawsuit going on against whoever told us that eating a high sugar/low fat diet was good for your health and weight?

    • Angel says:

      That’s a good question. I think the question would be, who do you sue? The sugar industry for pushing sugar and having their past board members also serve on the boards of the AHA and ADA. Or do you sue the AHA and ADA for letting their board members have such affiliations. Or do you sue the media for sensationalizing a faulty study that had cherry picked results and was also debunked stating that countries that followed low fat/high carb diets were slimmer. This issue has so many hands involved it would be difficult to take action. I feel like our grass roots actions of giving as many people as we can the information has been working. Now, my regular doctor has started advocating for a low carb/high fat diet.

    • Jay M says:

      Because a high-carb, low-fat diet can be healthy when it is based on minimally processed, whole, plant-based foods.

    • Oksana Anderson says:

      Please , let us combine our effort to sue those sugar mafia, if we build the website and collect 1 million voies against them, and pass voices to the government

    • tom schmitt says:

      That is a great question, and it’s one that I’ve been asking myself for a few years now. The massive class action suit may manifest itself as a revolution. Since our government of the 1% is ruling and killing the rest of us it seems very obvious that the culprit is the US Government. I would go as far as to say that the US Government is a weapon of mass destruction.
      Look around, there are no subsidies for growing kale or broccoli. But GMO corn to feed to and keep grass eating animals fat and sick are abundant as are subsidies for GMO wheat and soy.
      50 years ago 1 of 5,000 kids were autistic, by 2033 it is estimated that 1 of 2 will be. It’s early stage population reduction…they’re doing it with food (if you can call it food) and food addictions.
      Wake up people!!

    • Angel says:

      You are so right, it’s hard to get people to wake up to this since they have been given faulty nutrition information from early childhood. It’s ingrained and I think you’re right about controlling the population. More and more people have mental illnesses, learning disabilities, cancers, infertility, and so many other health issues with of course “no cause.” Healthy food does cost more and that is completely unacceptable for those who want to make the change.

  • Take The Red Pill says:

    Great stuff Doc, thanks. Did an about-face after I saw and felt where I was heading. Among diet and exercise I’m finding intermittent fasting to be a great way to tap into my fat reserves. I can literally feel the fat being taken from my back area. I have to be conscious of it though, not eating is not enough. I need to acknowledge my hunger and choose to deal with the feelings associated with that hunger. I’m finding that I block a lot of emotions through eating so when I start to control my eating more I really need to be ready to deal with the emotions; it’s the secret.

  • Fallen Pastabean says:

    This guy along with Dr. Berg and Thomas DeLauer is saving mankind from dietary misinformation.

  • Michele Blais says:

    I am 51 and had a liver biopsy done found a fatty liver. Did this because my liver enzymes were elevated. Was told to lose at least 50 pounds. I am 5’1 and started out at 220. I am down to 197 in 2 months. I really had to change my diet. My dr told me I will need a liver transplant if I don’t get the weight off and change my diet..Ty for the video

    • The Redface says:

      How are you now? Hope all is well

    • Kathleen Mcdonough says:

      I have to see a dietitian I also have fatty liver and l do suffer pain on right side my back dr said because my liver is swollen 😱

    • The Redface says:

      @Kathleen Mcdonough hey thanks for sharing and I’m sorry to hear the troubles you’re having due to the fatty liver. I hope you fix this with a good diet plan and some work out routines. I’m in the same boat, need to lose the gut and reduce the carbs such as pasta, potatoes, wheat and sugar!!!

    • Cindy says:

      Would you mind telling me what symptoms you had? Did you just have the large basketball belly??

    • The Redface says:

      @Cindy hi are you asking me or the original comment lady above? In my case, I’m overweight for sure and have been told I have a fatty liver. I need to cut out my carbs and sugar mostly, and hopefully I can sort it out!

  • John Vajcner says:

    I am 68 years young and I never thought that I would be able to loose weight again until I heard about the eat fat get thin diet. Thanks so much for what you do! I lost 24 lbs so far and off the BP meds. So greatful for how much better I feel!

  • DannyB1954 says:

    I had a Fatty Liver show up on an ultrasound. I went on a Keto diet about 3 months ago. About 2 months ago I started intermittent fasting with a 3 hour eating window. I have lost weight from my 195 lb start, (now at 175 lb), but the belly seems to be the last to go. I am 5’8″ . I think I have 20 more lb to go.
    An interesting thing is about a month into Keto I had a blood test done, (I get them every 6 months). My triglycerides were lower and my HDL was higher.

  • Connecting The Dots says:

    I just found out I have fatty liver disease. I’ve been researching for days. Your video was very helpful. Thank you.

  • Theknowabout says:

    You guys are really life savers. My cousin has been just diagnosed with mild fatty liver. The doctor asked him to completely cut saturated fats and meat. Then i Remembered that you and some others doctor have said completely different things.

  • Terry Forth says:

    Reducing sugar intake (especially with what were historically unexpected sources of sugar!), showed a dramatic improvement in the LFTs. Also, adding more leafy greens helped a lot from a subjective ‘feel’ standpoint.

  • Daywalker87 says:

    I have a degree in nutrition, from almost 20 years ago. At the macronutrient level, we were taught so much that was wrong.

    • wim lammens says:

      wauw , finally someone admitting the so called nutrition education got it wrong, now we need a doctor to admit that procedures for treating diabetes where also wrong so we can stop killing people with this horrible so called science

    • gardensofthegods says:

      Sounds like one of my best friends who got her degree in the late 80s and then her Masters in nutrition in the 90s … there’s a lot that she doesn’t understand and sometimes i try to give her info … send her videos so that she can see she was given a lot of wrong information in college … regretfully she tends to subscribe to the old school way with a lot of this stuff … but every now and then she’ll surprise me .

  • 4Veritas says:

    Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s you had a choice of water or milk. I was shocked to learn that carbonated beverages and juice drinks were allowed in schools. They have no place in schools.

    • Bobby Lee says:

      4Veritas Low fat chocolate milk is no different than Coke or Pepsi. The sugar content is identical!!!!!!!!

    • gardensofthegods says:

      As bad as sugar is the times i really have to have sugar i use brown sugar and i swear it is a little bit better for you .
      When they substitute with high fructose corn syrup that is worse I am convinced of it because high fructose corn syrup cannot be absorbed in the intestines and so it shoot straight to the liver causing fatty liver in other words liver damage .
      And high fructose corn syrup actually revs up the appetite and makes you hungry … so the more of it you ingest the hungrier you get …gross .
      To me it’s poison , i won’t eat anything with high fructose corn syrup and regretfully they put it in almost everything here.

  • Kathy Swigart says:

    After a diverticulitis scan I was told I had a fatty liver but they had no advice on how to get rid of it. I also developed type 2 diabetes. I started eating keto and after 3 months I no longer have fatty liver, I don’t take any more metformin, no more meds for high cholesterol and blood pressure. He’s so right!

    • gardensofthegods says:

      I’m sorry that you’ve gone through all that … years ago i had bad diverticulitis and one doctor even mumbled something about the probability of surgery to cut out part of the diseased intestine .
      I healed myself naturally … all these years later i’m still eating everything they said i would never eat including all kinds of seeds , such as Dave’s Breads which have a lot of seeds in them .
      You got to get away from the big pharma antibiotics which destroy all the good gut Flora … that was the first thing i did .
      If you have an Indian Grocers near you , you can easily get some of the all natural healers dirt cheap .
      Neem powder you mix with water and it is a wonderful antibiotic , antifungal , antiviral .
      For diabetes please buy what is called methi powder … it is Powder made from the ground-up seed of the fenugreek plant … the balance is the hormones for men and women alike and is a treatment for diabetes .
      you might want to look into Pineberry i knew two people who completely healed themselves of diabetes with Pineberry where they no longer needed any meds .
      I don’t know if they meant the fresh fruit itself or in some other form and i have never tried it . i don’t have diabetes .

    • gardensofthegods says:

      Also there are all natural products that lower the blood pressure … i think gynostemma pentaphyllum tea is one of them … it’s also supposed to be anti-aging … it has a lot of benefits so please look it up … it lowers cholesterol also

    • gardensofthegods says:

      I can’t believe i forgot the most important thing : do you read the ingredients for everything you eat that is processed food ?
      In America they put high-fructose corn syrup in almost everything and it causes fatty liver .
      High fructose corn syrup cannot be absorbed in the intestines and so it shoots straight to the liver damaging it .
      It’s an a lot of the fast foods especially almost all of the fast food drinks … it’s in everything from pizza to sauces to salad dressings to ketchup , breads Cookies Cakes , pies , even soups .
      And most of your Western and modern countries it has been outlawed pick as they know how dangerous it is but of course not here in America it is everywhere .

    • gardensofthegods says:

      Another horrible thing about high fructose corn syrup is it actually makes you hungry all the time and the more you eat it the hungry or you get and this is why we have so many of obese Americans… I’m convinced of it …it revs up the appetite …. it’s in most of your cereals also … juices …

    • Nostalgic Bliss says:

      @gardensofthegods Do you have a specific brand for the products you listed?

  • Jamie Shields says:

    I just found out I have fatty liver on almost my entire liver, except for two small spots. What makes me upset is that they apparently knew I had fatty liver 4 years ago, when I had an MRI for my Crohn’s disease, but they DIDN’T even MENTION that to me! The ultrasound technician slipped when I said “I wonder if I have fatty liver” and she replied, “well, we already knew that…” and explained it was mentioned in my medical records. Who knows how much worse my liver has gotten in 4 yrs! No one saw this was important to mention?? And the only reason we went back to looking at my liver is bc my enzymes keep reporting high the last few blood tests I’ve gotten before my infusion of Crohn’s meds.

    • Zozan Sinde says:

      Me to 4 years the know I have fatty liver the didnt tell me tell I lost so much weight got very sik

    • The Redface says:

      Yes this is very disappointing and I’m sorry to hear that. I only found out I had a fatty liver in June 2020 after I had a neck ultrasound and insisted to have my abdomen checked too. The radiologist then sent off the report to my doctor who then told me I have a fatty liver. The Doctor just said to lose weight, no other useful information. It’s very sad that liver function tests don’t always show a fatty liver issue. Hope we all reverse our fatty liver 🙏🏼

    • Kara Graham says:

      It’s a good idea to get and keep copies of all your medical records

    • BIGMIG says:

      It’s just amazing how bad the medical industry can be. I have a fatty liver but they don’t tell you how serious it can be. Well onto the plan to make a change.

    • Jennifer Padden says:

      Yes I’ve known for probably 8 years that I have NAFLD but my dr said it wasn’t anything to worry about. Well now I’m having symptoms that seem to be from my liver and my liver function test results show elevated in AST, ALT and GGT. I suddenly gained almost 15 pounds in less than a month and thought something is wrong. I had upper and lower chest and abdominal X-rays last Friday. With this NAFLD, I also worry because I have 2 rather large hemangiomas in my liver each 4 cm and 5 cm. Scary stuff.

  • nomebear says:

    I’m 71. When I was kid growing up in south Texas there were three obese people in town. The lady that worked at the theater who could drink all of the soft drinks and popped corn that she wanted, the beer distributor, another man who I didn’t know much about. Everyone else was either then, or muscled up from manual work. None of the ranchers or farmers were large. It was the late 60’s during the Cuban missile crisis that supplies of sugar from Cuba were cut off and the FDA approved high fructose corn sweeteners as a replacement. Corn had always been used to fatten cattle before taking them to market. In Europe, corn was considered to be food for livestock. It was at this time people started to have weight issues.

  • Yarn Chicken Kim says:

    Great info for me to share with my family and friends! I am in my 11th week of my new Keto lifestyle and have lost over 23 pounds, including a lot of belly fat. I am just sad that I only learned the benefits of eating this way at age 58. Trying to teach others now so they unlearn all the misinformation we were taught over the years.

  • Janet Phillips says:

    Thank you so much for explaining this so plainly. My sister has been diagnosed with a fatty liver and I needed to know the facts so I could help her with her diet.

  • Dude Ster says:

    I have belly fat and crave bread & sugar product, but I will try to follow these steps to reduce my issue.

    Thank you Dr. Hyman for posting this helpful and detailed information about this disease. 👍
    May God bless you and your family.

  • Candace Montgomery says:

    I felt old and sluggish at one point, I had bad acne, scars that wouldn’t heal like it was supposed to and I have always ate a lot of carbs and sugar. I craved lemonade for years and pastas and rice. I was lead by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to do everything this man is saying months ago, and working out was a huge relief until I started to not work out and was stuck on rice and pastas with a cup of lemonade again… I felt young again by working out, my skin got better and by eating the right foods boost my energy and the moment I started taking coconut oil, teaspoon a day, the inflammation started to leave. Everything he has said is true and I didn’t realize why my body was craving kale the moment I ate it everyday and I started eating broccoli cause of craving too!! My face is clearing, my stomach is going down and inflammation and I no longer feel 80 years old but now younger than my regular age. I sauté my broccoli and kale in olive oil and I don’t eat as much

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