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  • ryancoley29 Turkey04 says:

    Thank you Doc! I truly benefited from this due to pelvic floor pain from runninf

  • Ms Parker Back to the basics! says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  • izzy jones says:

    ❤ i truly appreciate you giving people Real info that is Preventative..vs imo what most western medicine focuses on> symptoms.. treating symptoms vs preventing issues in the first place

  • izzy jones says:

    Wow..my hips have been excruciating pain lately(lots of problems). This helped❤

  • zmartz50 says:

    Thank you Doctor Mandell!

  • PaPa Chulisimo says:

    Needed seriously by myself DOC.. Thx!!!

  • Danka Brzozowska says:

    Thanks doctor.

  • celeste hogan says:

    Looks great Dr … thnx ❤️

  • NeCe M says:

    Just the words “you’ll do your best” is so encouraging! You, Dr M ARE the BEST! ❤🙋🏻‍♀️

  • P V. says:

    🌈⭐️🌻🦋ThankYou Dr Mandell

  • Susan Y says:

    🥰God’s Blessings Dr🙏🎉

  • Claudius Thomas says:

    Oh My! Thank You Dr. Mandell. I Wished I’d Known This Exercise Years Ago.

  • DALYN💜S-httd says:

    Wow now that is a stretch I really need Doc To Ty…I was hit by a car while trying to get into it…I was paralyzed WAS! 🤗💜✝️ God is so good…

  • Diane Green says:

    You are a wonderful person. Thank you. 😁

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  • Mei Lin Liu says:

    Dr Mandell, thank you for this, God 🙏 bless

  • Laura G. Suárez.P says:

    Doctor Mandell keeps in such a good shape 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Nancy Nevels says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell!!❤❤

  • Gloria Scott says:

    Okay Doctor 👍🏾👏👏👏

  • Gloria Harris says:

    Thank you Doctor Mandell for your service and your support you are a very special Doctor that cares ❤

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