Dave McKinnon

  • @Marimarr59 says:

    Gonna do it tomorrow Doc..ty❤

  • @MariaJimenez-ms8cc says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell that’s what I need and it’s easy to do I love this exercise 😊😊😊😊

  • @IAMElsLife says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Mandell. Abundant blessings to you and all.❤🙏🏽

  • @carmenmadrigal4622 says:

    Thanks for the great exercise today ❤

  • @SarahJones-ik6jh says:

    You’re a natural on camera, keep shining!

  • @LouiseStephens says:

    You’re a star, keep shining bright!

  • @janetlacasse1648 says:

    Shall do will see what happens in a month, Thank you 🕊❤

  • @rhondabailey9238 says:

    and hold it between the knees to lift legs💙🌻

  • @kerryalbritton6532 says:

    I’ve worked with a lot of doctors in my life, and most just want to give you a pill. Thank you for helping folks naturally, showing us how to stay healthy

  • @rosannaburgess714 says:

    ❤🎉 oh my goodness, that easy! Thank you Dr. Mandell, God bless you abundantly!😊

  • @thomasgriffin8269 says:

    Thats a great way to keep the gut down..

  • @charlesboone4489 says:

    You”re a life saver Dr. Mandell. We ❤ You for always reminding us to take care of ourselves.😊

  • @tracydavis148 says:

    2 to 3 Sets at 12 reps … Gotcha Doc ! Thanks ❤

  • @proffittm3010 says:

    Such a clear and easy exercise that anyone can do! Thanks!

  • @zuzuspetals923 says:

    Thank you for demonstrating this ab-strengthening exercise. I have always been lazy about ab work because sit-ups are so tedious. But this seems different and doable…if it doesn’t aggravate a bad shoulder. We shall see !

  • @jayheh says:

    More of these simple exercises ideas that any age can do please

  • @hi8107 says:

    Cheap kettle bell! I love it!!!

  • @slavica3666 says:

    Докторе,хвала Господу што нам те је дао и да увек буде уз тебе🙏🕊❤️❤️❤️

  • @davidharrison3074 says:

    This is a fantastic workout for my recent back surgery last December. Thank you for this simple exercise that is great to do. Have a blessed day 🙏🏻

  • @annemedcalf says:

    I’m not sure why there are people out there trying to put him down or discredit him. He has great tips, he’s sporty, in shape and informed. Even a chiropractor has access to knowledge in fields other than his own. What’s important is that he knows what he speaks about. For me he is TOP. Not to liken him to Jesus, and I’m not a religious person, but he was a carpenter and look how many listened to him and followed his lead…I’m just saying😊

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