Friday Favorite: The Best Dietary Changes for Colon Cancer Prevention

A low-fiber diet is a key driver of microbiome depletion, the disappearance of diversity in our good gut flora. What would happen within just two weeks if you swapped the diets of typical Americans with that of healthier eaters?

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @karenseale9372 says:

    I especially liked the graphics showing the gut biopsy microscopic slides comparing the food swap subjects. Thank you.

  • @manofconstantsorrow says:

    My mom feels better when eating unhealthy food. After WFPB she feels bad. Any advice?

    • @laurajeanette5953 says:

      @manofconstantsorrow  That is only temporary until she is completely cleaned out & detoxed. What is happening is that her body is going through a natural detox period. A cold or flu is also a detox. When we ingest toxins, they build up, our body then detoxes the toxins… which is cold & flu symptoms. As her body is cleansing, she will feel terrible. More toxins, more symptoms. Eventually, she will feel great. Then the opposite will be true. Once we are clean, if we ingest toxins, we will feel terrible. I hope this helps.

    • @Brinaweenahwoo says:

      @@manofconstantsorrow it takes time for the gut to re-balance to a WFPB diet. Fiber can cause bloating and tummy upset if you don’t have micro biota to digest it. I’ve been vegetarian/vegan/WFPB for 30+ years, I know a little about this diet and lifestyle. Ask her if she can start one meal at a time. 😊❤️ 🥦

    • @Angie14107 says:

      @@manofconstantsorrow how long has she been eating wfpb for? There can be a period of adjustment.

    • @lbar9720 says:

      I can agree with her. I’ve tried for years to eat a whole food plant based diet, but it’s not kind to my body. I just try to eat in moderation. There are a few fruits that I can eat, a few veg that seem to agree with me, and everything else is added too. I listen to my body. Maybe this diet is just not right for your Mom’s body; if a diet was one-size-fits-all, we wouldn’t have so many different kinds to choose from.

    • @manofconstantsorrow says:

      @@Angie14107 She’s been trying WFPB for a long time, but she always feels bad after healthy meals and feels better (at least at gut) after animal products.

  • @PClanner says:

    And what happens to the person (after indulging in the GAD (Great American Diet) when they contract IBS and eat the amount of fibre you are advocating – INTENSE PAIN!!!!!!

    • @eduardocasanova-personal3064 says:

      Just take it easy my friend.

      Where there is a will, there is a way. If you dont have the will, an excuse will find its way

    • @lbar9720 says:

      I have IBS, and I hear what you’re saying. It’s been years of Trial and Error. I don’t do the full WFPB because I feel awful on that kind of diet/lifestyle.

    • @StephenMarkTurner says:

      Start slow

    • @4124V4TA-SNPCA-x says:

      You don’t start with that amount from day 1.
      Experiment what foods can you digestion handle.
      And increase it slow and steady.
      No counting is needed. You will achieve the required amount within 8-18 month without noticing, depending on your original diet and other weaknesses and allergies.

    • @4124V4TA-SNPCA-x says:

      Was GAD a pun on SAD or did you consume an atypical American diet?

  • @doloreswinsbarrow1110 says:

    So true 👍 2016, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. Wasn’t taken in sufficient fiber, and the doctor put me on fiber and changed my diet.
    I also can’t use wheat or dairy milk.
    Am very health conscious and try taking care of myself. Don’t eat out, don’t drink juice, only water, and snacks only on fruits and nuts. use organic products because it works well with my body.

  • @SkyRiver1 says:

    I wonder what the effects of single amino acids like Taurine, and Glycine are on the microbiome. They seem to have significant life-extension effects in aged mice.

  • @ilknurilhan8320 says:

    amazing info

  • @345kobi says:

    I don’t believe that the teaching of nutrition gets better than this. Note that He is reading science, not expressing his opinion. This kind of information got rid of My ulcerative colitis. No more passing out while having a bowel movement.

    • @4124V4TA-SNPCA-x says:

      I don’t want to burst your bubble and I am happy for you. But if I’d write down what he does my comment would be instantly deleted by him or his co. So I stay silent. They may delete this still because my unwritten implications.

    • @SherryEllesson says:

      @@4124V4TA-SNPCA-x “write down what he does”??? He practices what he preaches, and if your intention is to interject doubt, you’d have to show your sources. “Unwritten implications” don’t mean squat.

    • @4124V4TA-SNPCA-x says:

      Yep. And my comment would be deleted like before within minutes. Even the slightest constructive criticism isn’t allowed here by his fans…
      But try it yourself to find out under his next vid.

      But if you think he is 100% unbiased you are free to do so.
      I also don’t mind what you believe in other areas. On other platform I could tell you.

    • @4124V4TA-SNPCA-x says:

      Mind you I’m not implying WFPB diet isn’t good. Or following him will destroy your health. Rather him than …bergs or saladless Saladinos. (And BTW WFPB is not his invention…)

  • @tamcon72 says:

    Thanks for reposting this important information about fiber, which certain merchants of diet woo still claim is not “essential” to proper gut health!

  • @koreyb says:

    50 grams of fiber is a lot of fiber to consume each day.

  • @drstrangelove85 says:

    The table you show at 5:43 suggests that we are designed to get 37% of our calories from protein and only 41% from carbs. That’s pretty much a diet centered around lean meat. This really doesn’t fit the rest of the video and one could say it’s cherry picking.

  • @KJSvitko says:

    It is just crazy that Doctors do not get nutrition training in Medical schools.
    Every doctor visit should include some nutrition discussion. The majority of the population is over weight or obese leading to high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Schools and hospital cafeterias should be leading the way to good health by setting the example of what is a healthy meal and teaching people what to eat and why.. Every person in the hospital for heart disease should have a nutrition class before being checked out from the hospital with follow up education and training in nutrition. Medicare and Medicaid should require patient nutrition education as part of their standard of care. Nutrition information should be run on the hospital TV channel. Prevention needs to be emphasized to every patient. After the fact pills and surgery don’t deal with the ROOT CAUSE.

  • @KJSvitko says:

    Processed food manufacturers need to hear from consumers that less ADDED chemicals, sugar, oil and salt is wanted in their food products.
    Why is there so much ADDED sugar in everything, even bread. That’s just crazy
    Email, text, tweet or phone your favorite producer of poison and let them know consumers want less salt, oils and sugars in their products.
    Let their customer service department know that all the extra added salt, oil and sugar is not necessary or desired and is causing health issues.
    Reduce or eliminate highly processed food from your diet if you can.

  • >