Friday Favorites: Heme Iron in Impossible Burgers and Cancer Risk

Is heme just an innocent bystander in the link between meat intake and breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure? Let’s take a look at heme’s carcinogenic effects.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @Klaudiuszeg says:

    I dont understand why they would even put it there.
    Are we iron deficient? …

    • @janerkenbrack3373 says:

      I believe it helps reproduce the texture and “meatiness” of their product.

    • @bellanewler6611 says:

      You may not be iron deficient. A lab test can tell.

    • @Klaudiuszeg says:

      @@janerkenbrack3373 Thats stupid, meat in its own does not taste good, we need spices and stuff to make it taste decent.
      Herbs, spices and how we cook is the taste mainly. I know it, my family used to cook raw meat all the time, it smells disgusting and taste like nothing xD

    • @Momfasa says:

      For the meaty taste.

    • @NiaLaLa_V says:

      @@Klaudiuszeg So you still don’t understand and you are forming strong opinions about the topic? Humans.

  • @janerkenbrack3373 says:

    It’s like the cliffhangers of the old movie serials. Always got to come back next week to see what happened.

  • @AndrewPawley11 says:

    I love this channel!

  • @SerenityNow.... says:

    And, there it is. The car is frozen in mid air, having just driven off of the cliff! Tune in next time!

  • @arkrainflood says:

    donating blood (for men) reduces cancer and cardiac disease risk.

  • @marcella_ellabella says:

    Too much info lol, I’ll just eat a black bean burger to be safe.

  • @mchagawa1615 says:

    Thank you for covering <3

  • @lilyrowannebel7767 says:

    Dr. Gregor,

    Can you please address this question in your own special way: Are Ferritin levels analogous to HDL (high density lipoprotein) levels, in that you only need high amounts if you have high levels of heme-iron or cholesterol in your blood.

    Vegans have no exogenous (dietary) sources for heme-iron or cholesterol, so the body does not need to make as much ferritin or HDL as meat eaters do to keep the blood clean… is this an accurate statement/analogy? Of course you can include hematocrit, RBC, iron, hemoglobin, and anything else you think needs to be addressed.

  • @VeganGorilla555 says:

    I was surprised to see heme iron supplements in the grocery store….

  • @Incredible43 says:

    Impossible not only goes beyond what the gov considers safe for glyphosate they also tested their heme iron on animals. I and many wouldn’t touch their products if we were paid

  • @NiRENiRE says:

    Stop shopping and eating from the inside isles of the grocery store.

    • @NiaLaLa_V says:

      Don’t tell me what to do.

    • @tamcon72 says:

      I believe the advice is to shop on the periphery, where the less processed foods usually are. Incidentally, this is where the dead animal meat that is fresh–rather than frozen–is located but also where the coolers of meat analogues are located, so vegans can do this shop-on-the-periphery thing, too, and I do, dipping into the aisles for dried/canned beans, starches.

  • @jules8262 says:

    A waste of time.

  • @ExtraSubtle says:

    There is no link between meat intake and breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Fatty red meat is our species-specific diet.

  • >