Friday Favorites: What Are the Best Foods?

A review of reviews on the health effects of animal foods versus plant foods.

This reminds me of my What Are the Healthiest Foods? ( ) video, helpful for some broad takeaways.

If you missed the previous video, check out What Are the Best Beverages? ( ).

PS: The omega-3s video I mentioned is: Should Vegans Take DHA to Preserve Brain Function? ( ).

For more on eggs, see, for example:
• Who Says Eggs Aren’t Healthy or Safe? ( )
• How the Egg Board Designs Misleading Studies ( )
• When Low Risk Means High Risk ( )
• Eggs and Arterial Function ( )
• Debunking Egg Industry Myths ( )
• Eggs and Diabetes ( )
• Egg Industry Response to Choline and TMAO ( )
• How Our Gut Bacteria Can Use Eggs to Accelerate Cancer ( )
• Eggs and Breast Cancer ( )
• Dietary Guidelines: “Eat as Little Dietary Cholesterol as Possible” ( )
• Does Dietary Cholesterol (Eggs) Raise Blood Cholesterol? ( )
• Dietary Cholesterol and Inflammation from Abdominal Obesity ( )

For more on fish, see, for example:
• Fish Consumption and Suicide ( )
• Fish and Diabetes ( )
• California Children Are Contaminated ( )
• How Long to Detox from Fish Before Pregnancy ( )
• Omega 3’s and the Eskimo Fish Tale ( )
• Is Fish “Brain Food” for Older Adults? ( )

For more on poultry, see, for example:
• Chicken Dioxins, Viruses, or Antibiotics? ( )
• Past the Age of Miracles: Facing a Post-Antibiotic Age ( )
• Superbugs in Conventional vs. Organic Chicken ( )
• Urinary Tract Infections from Eating Chicken ( )
• What About Kosher and Organic Chicken? ( )
• Chicken Big: Poultry and Obesity ( )
• The Role of Poultry Viruses in Human Cancers ( )

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • Addy Hawaii says:


  • Sam Aus says:

    should I eat eggs and fish or poultry or not yes or not and if I don’t eat them what should I eat can you please tell me

  • ALL POWER is from within forever says:

    I’m plant based 99.999999% of the time and I think also consideration of some precautions should be mentioned such as oxalate s in green s and arsenic in rice and chemical s in nonorganic oats…

    • Cei says:

      wash your food when needed and cook it when needed, problem solved.

    • ALL POWER is from within forever says:

      @Cei PARTIALLY solved mate ☮️

    • science is love says:

      I really wanted to call you dummy..
      But here i am trying my best to put it in the politest manner possible..

      Spinach is high in oxalates but kales, collard greens, 🥬 cabbage, brocoli ..are low on oxalates.. to swap em out for these…
      Avoid taking vitamin c supplements as that facilitates stone formation..

      Drink plenty of water and you should be fine..

      Eating these foods have significant health outcomes …so I’ll continue eating em..
      Rice is a staple in many Japanese.. my bff is Japanese and her great grand parents are the healthiest people I’ve met (these people don’t eat as much meat especially red meat .. their veggies are the best.. they ate some sea food as well but their diet still shockingly is plant centered..

      I’ve started to incorporate some nattos myself.. inspired by Asian culture.. they’re crazy high vit k2

  • Clint B says:

    You’ll be a lot healthier on a carnivore diet. some vegetables, but definitely not a vegan diet.

    • kai7233 says:

      Reference PLZ
      Or ist IT just your opinion?
      Then state that

    • redauwg911 says:

      you will live much healthier and longer on a vegan diet

    • Maria Alive says:

      I find that a balanced carnivore diet seems to do better on most individuals. Based on looks, performance and the implementation within a modern lifestyle. Personal opinion still…. and an added observation. I find that dr Gregor has been looking like an awfull example of health as of late… It has made me doubt his research in the last couple of months.

    • VIpanfried says:

      Ya that’s what I get out of this too.

  • David Johnson says:

    Wish mom’s Fried 🍗 🐔 wasn’t soo Delicious 😋 😋 😋…

    Happily 97% Whole Organic Plants

  • Craig Browne says:

    The Vegan diet is the healthiest diet to look and feel your best, Don’t fill your body with rotting animal parts and think you look good lol

  • sooooooooDark says:

    3:33 – not sure what that method of argumentative string is called it autism-acktualy-land but:
    yes its correct but thats unfair framing
    a carni could for example say (with the same data btw!) that eating a diet that is 100% from fish is better than the suggested mixed plants foods diet then
    or alternatively they could say (by instead of looking at the positive) that “the negatives rnt that pronounces and that the positive/neutral overwhelm them yet still”

  • Troy Redway says:

    The biggest surprise is fruits beating vegetables on the pie chart

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