Function Health: Everything you need to know about the Galleri Test by Grail

We can now detect 50 types of cancer as early as stage one with just two vials of blood. It’s a new test called Galleri that is available to Function Health members right now.

In the past, cancers such as ovarian, pancreatic, and melanoma—some of the deadliest—have often gone undetected until symptoms start showing. But early detection is key, as it can increase the overall survival rate of cancer patients by 400%. That’s where Galleri enters the picture.

This test, known as a “liquid biopsy,” seeks out signals of cancer in your blood. It’s far less invasive than traditional surgical methods and may completely change our approach to cancer detection and treatment.

Remember, cancer remains the second leading cause of death in America. We’re at war with late-stage cancer diagnoses, and we can win this battle!

At Function Health every member can get this cancer test. The cost of this test for Function members is $899, which is certainly a financial investment. However, this test is currently being offered nearly at-cost. Why? Because underlying Function’s mission of empowering you to live 100 healthy years is access for as many people as possible.

Consider this test for yourself. Share the news with your loved ones. It’s time we win the battle against cancer. Learn more at .

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    This is so great! ❤❤❤

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    We better start praying👀

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    Can you be my doctor? I want that test and mine doctor is clueless

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    🤘🏻❗I don’t believe that a doctor will do anything good for anyone🤘🏻

  • Larry Cox says:

    Take it every year? Do you have offices in every state?

  • Char Van Kerck says:

    wonderful. now, if they can test blood early in life for heart disease, diabetes, etc. may help mid lifeers to eat healthier . 😊

  • Ellen Rogers-Prig says:

    Sounds great! now can you tell us..where we can find the money to pay for that test!? It’s not included in our health plans..n most of us can’t afford it.. through you it’s cheaper but still more than most of us can afford..sigh

  • Richard Chassé says:

    Absolutely fabulous‼️

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  • Granada's Healing Touch says:

    Where can you get this test done in Miami, Florida?

  • Carol Baccus Global says:

    QUESTION so can you do the standalone Galleri test? Or, do you need to do it as an “add on” to the full Function lab work?

  • starspawn2212 says:

    I’m favoured, $60k every weeks! I can now give back to the local community and also support God’s work and church. 🇺🇲🌟

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      Wow 😳 that’s huge,
      I’m 40 and have been looking for ways to be successful, please how?

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      All credits to *Mrs Mary Margaret Schimweg* Brokerage’ services. I’m happy to talk about it always 👍

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      I remember giving her my first savings $20,000 and she opened a brokerage account for me it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

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    Is this available in Canada 🇨🇦

  • J S says:

    Sounds great! But, it also takes $$ to get the test. Medicare doesn’t give a rip about preventive medical testing.

  • Lisa says:

    I have MBC and I get a liquid biopsy test every 3 months. I love it! Makes me feel so good knowing if anything changes with the cancer in my bones from my breast cancer it will possible show in my blood before it shows in my 6 month CT scans. My test is threw Tempus Thanks for this video ❤

  • Steve L says:

    Awaiting my results.

  • Tegan Gilchrist says:

    Wish this was available in Australia!!

  • D Lee says:

    The Galleri website says it costs $949.- and that most insurance does not cover the cost.

  • Eric Ogle says:

    I want this test , why because of the healthcare that I have been having ,I would like to have a conversation with you ,tell me how I can do this please.

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