Healing with Baking Soda & Water | Dr. Mandell

This miracle product sitting in the back of your fridge — something cheap that can zap bad smells, keep your teeth sparkly white, remove acid reflux/heart burn, and treat many other health ailments naturally.
That box of baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda (or sodium bicarbonate), can do some major things.
Its superpowers come from a two-letter term: pH. That stands for “potential (or power) of hydrogen” to make something either an acid or a base (alkaline). Baking soda is an alkaline substance. When it mixes with an acid, it alters the pH level. That’s why it can quickly soothe an upset stomach or cover a bad smell.

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    I’m constantly amazed by the wealth of wisdom shared, like uncovering hidden treasures.😘

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    Good to put baking soda paste mixed with water to put on bee stings 🐝🐝🐝

  • @memastarful says:

    I also use baking soda diluted with water once a week on my hair to remove build up and excess oil. It adds shine and clarifies the hair.

  • @ronreed811 says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell for your wonderful videos

  • @tostitochumpy says:

    Use this for gout, works wonders. It acts up from barometric pressure so if it’s overcast I take a teaspoon in cold water every morning and almost always stave of an attack. Saw it as a home remedy years ago online. Gout comes from an excess of uric acid, and the alkaline seems to work great.

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  • @chickadee- says:

    I brush my teeth with baking soda then swallow a little bit of the rinse water. 65 and I’ve never had a UTI or stomach problems. And no cavities since I was a teenager.

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    Thank you very much for your selfless work for mankind

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    Thanks for sharing 😇God bless😇

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    I have used Baking Soda for many years for upset stomach. I did not realize it has this many additional uses. Thank You.

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    Baking soda and water is also good for your kidneys if you have kidney disease

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    The World’s Dr. We love you!!🥰

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    I’m all for baking soda. I use it in many ways and now with your video, there are even more ways. Thanks.

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    I have a little bowl I mix H2O2 with baking soda everyday, twice a day. I floss at night. Turned my mouth around like like a top

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    Grazie infinite Dr.Mandell ! I suoi video sono sempre utili ed efficaci ! Dio La protegga e benedica . Baci dall’Italia ❤😘❤

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    Dr. Mandel….you have a great day! Thank you for all you do for us.

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    It also can be used as laundry soap. No harmful chemicals like detergents. Use it in sink drains to eliminate odors in the P trap.

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