Dave McKinnon

  • Julie McDaniel says:

    Thank you 4 these constant reminders bc we need them alot. They are very much needed & very much appreciated ❤❤❤

  • shordae says:

    Wonderful information thanks so much for sharing 🙏😊👍🏼❤️

  • Michelle says:

    Need to take with black pepper.

  • DJ Knt says:

    How much turmeric shall u take! Thank.u Dr. I believe in you! I’ll be starting turmeric real soon. I just need to know how much to put in food or drinks!❤

  • Tamiko Lee says:

    You are the best!!!

  • Kitty Walker says:

    I give my dog ‘golden paste’ twice a day. I haven’t managed to incorporate turmeric into my daily diet yet, though. It helps her a lot.

  • Emmy Williams says:

    Thank you Dr.Mandell..👍🙏

  • Matt Nobrega says:

    It’s interesting how this just showed up first thing as I had a cup of tumeric tea with dinner. In a mug, blended collagen peptides with tumeric, black pepper, coconut sugar, ghee, and a splash of acv with hot water. It was really good

  • Leonor Mondata says:

    Thank you Dr…how much are we meant to take daily for aches and pains , moreso for brain health? Thank you

  • She Is Blessed says:

    I will try this cause I’m tired of medication.😮

  • Gaurav Singh Bedi says:

    So Wonderful Dr Alan Mandell ❤️ ❤😊😊

  • Hattie Mason says:

    I will try this because my body will love me

  • Pam Ballew says:

    Thank you so much for all you do for us!!❤❤

  • Maxine Simonelli says:

    Every day I’m learning more about health

  • Ivelisse Laboy says:

    Thank you for caring Dr Mandell! God bless you! I take Tumeric with one tablespoon of olive oil every morning. ❤💛🕊️🙏🫶✝️🤲🤗👋

  • Pauline Khainza says:

    Many thanks doctor Mandell 🙏

  • Angella Reid says:

    Thanks for this powerful information, Dr. Mandell

  • Voula Kambouraki says:

    My two favorite items that I use every day turmeric and fresh ginger root use it for cooking, and for my coffee and tea❤

  • Lovely Lady says:

    Cumin is the main pain killer ingredient in turmeric and only makes up about 3% of the total volume, so I buy cumin and add it to my daily vitamin regimen as well as the turmeric.

  • sol says:

    Thank you So much to the best doctor on YouTube 👌✌

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