Dave McKinnon

  • Timothy Mccoy says:

    Your video captivates the soul.🌺

  • Dewain Koester says:

    Great idea!

  • Raquel Goldsmith says:

    Thx for ur advice….

  • Anderson Anderson says:

    I been doing this for 17 years! He forgot to mention do this without mixing in sugar or any sweetener! It takes a bit getting used to, that sour taste, but once you do, nothing tastes better!

    • Angela Carroll says:

      I do the same, helped me to lose weight. I tried it with a little Stevia to sweeten (it’s plant not a chemical) no calories & doesn’t raise insulin levels. It’s nice, if you want it to taste like lemonade, with sparkling spring water. 😋

  • Melinda Unknown says:

    This is similar to how I make orange juice. I use one can of frozen concentrate. I add it to an empty 1 gallon water bottle. Then, I add the juice of 3 freshly squeezed large lemons. I have a hand juicer and squeeze them by hand. Then, I add distilled water until the gallon bottle fills up and then shake well. I refrigerate it overnight and then I have some every morning when I get up. I get the benefit of both juices and of a lot of water to rehydrate with after having nothing to drink overnight.

    • Buck Johnson says:

      Do you defrost the juice in the fridge and pour into the container? How long does the juice stay fresh?
      Also wondering if using a saved dishwashed glass juice bottle, helps preserve the mixture .

    • Angela Carroll says:

      Do you drink 1 gallon a day or over 2 days, (that is 3 78 litres, I’m in Australia). The recommended water intake here is 2Lit a day (for normal daily activities).Fruit & veg also contain water. Apparently, too much water flushes out the electrolytes, magnesium etc, as you urinate more often, and may cause certain health issues

    • Melinda Unknown says:

      @Angela Carroll No, I drink the gallon of watered down juice over a 7 day period. I mainly have it in the mornings, but I will also have some throughout the day.

    • Melinda Unknown says:

      @Buck Johnson I defrost the orange juice on my kitchen counter. I check on it frequently and once it has defrosted, I make my mixture. The juice and water mixture, which I keep refrigerated after making, is fresh for the 7 days it takes me to finish it. A glass container would work too. I use the gallon bottle because I buy distilled water for cooking and drinking. Once I finish the water, I wash the bottle and use it for the juice. When the juice is gone, I just recycle the bottle.

    • Cindy Coburn says:

      Just wondering why the distilled water?

  • Lolly Alexander says:

    Love that 😊 …. I always squeeze out my bag of lemons from Costco and freeze juice in icecube trays.

  • dr gato says:

    I like limes better. I love both.

  • Steven G says:

    Excellent idea !!

  • Christina Lopez says:

    Thank you so much for that breakdown..when you mentioned inflammation, let me know I definitely will be doing this 💕

  • Andrew Hilll says:

    Amazing and now have a new drink in the morning. Thank you ! Super DR Mandell ❤

  • Lonnieland says:

    Ive been doing this w lemons a long time.
    I put a cube in hot water w a tsp of fresh zested ginger.
    I do it before I start my coffee 😅
    I actually drink way less coffee and I dont crave sugar.

  • yvonne osbourne says:

    Dr. Mandell I did this just today amazing. Thank you King Respect

  • Grey State says:

    That is ingenious! So simple but such a great idea! Thanks Doc!

  • Brother John says:

    Yes sir 💯 👏 i love it

  • Ryan Neste says:

    nice and healthy for breakfast 👏

  • My Name says:

    Mix the lemon juice with water to dilute it before you put it in the plastic ice trays. The high acid will eat the plastic if you put it straight in with no water. God bless. 🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸

  • Nancy Nevels says:

    Thank You Again!!❤❤

  • Roberta Settle says:

    Been making that since 2016 , after kidney stone blockage , that made me septic, no more kidney stones forming 😊

  • Betty Blevins says:

    I planted a small lemon tree and I do this. It’s lasts all summer with freezer bags full.

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    This is a great idea. Thank you Dr Mandell ❤❤

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