Dave McKinnon

  • Luvizh3r3 says:

    Thank you so much
    I’ve learned so much watching your videos
    Thanks again

  • shira brener says:

    Your grate!!!!❤❤❤❤

  • Pamela Carter says:

    Thank you

  • SeñorAppleTree says:

    Don’t drink but gargle!

  • Sherri Stallings says:

    Thank You!!

  • Nobody says:

    I say this wholeheartedly, you are my favorite human being from social media when it comes to health tips. ❤

  • Maxine Atler says:

    I’ve learned so much from your videos I like to try I have tried your videos I’ve learned so much from you may God bless you

  • Sharon S. says:

    How did you know I totally needed this right now. THANK YOU for this!! (although that looks more like maybe1/2 Tablespoon which is Also fine to gargle with)

  • Pixie Styx says:

    You are just the very best!

  • ZuZu's Petals says:

    When i was growing up in the sixties, gargling with warm salt water was standard procedure in my family for colds and sore throats. I always thought the iodine in the table salt was key. (Sore throats also got painted with iodine–gaaak. )But your explanation expounds on the benefits of salt-water gargle. It’s good to know that some old-time remedies weren’t just “old wives’ tales” !
    Thank you for reminding me and explaining how it works. I’m going to start using this simple time-tested remedy again !

    • Mel J says:

      I thought of all the years that Grandma had the family gargling with family water 🙂💕

    • Dr. Tonetta says:

      Right 70 and 80s too!

    • Robbie Diles says:

      So true my grandmother had us doing that as well they said it was for the iodine but now we know a little better at least our elders was on the right track thank you for sharing the memories be blessed in the Lord Jesus and Happy Thanksgiving

  • AB Mara says:

    Old Asian remade I been doing this for last 46 years.. great feeling Dr. you can Add Turmeric powder to this also .. love❤ it stay healthy 💜

  • LITA Mangantilao says:

    We are so bless to have Dr. Mmandell. Thanks.

  • Yolanda Rudolph says:

    Thank you doctor Mandell we appreciate you for reminding us ❤❤❤❤

  • Vicki Henn says:

    Thank you..I have so much trouble with this!

  • Susan Y says:

    Thank You Dr 🙏it’s very effective at doing it’s job 🎉my mum use to tell me to use salt and water for a scratchy throat, an old remedy and it works 💪🏽

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  • Mel J says:

    Grandma pushed the salt water all the days of her life. She had the whole family gargling our ailments away 🙂💕

  • Yvonne Edwards says:

    Thank you so much , you truly make my day with such healing information information, again thank you for sharing..🙏🏽

  • Soul TCYM says:

    Keep shining, doc!! 🌞

  • Robbie Diles says:

    Thank you so much for the explanation you and your mother have a blessed and Godly Thanksgiving❤❤❤

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