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Find out about the food that causes the most significant blood sugar spike in this fascinating interview with Justin Richard.

0:00 Welcome, Justin Richard!
1:56 Justin’s health history
4:58 Which food’s effect on blood sugar surprised you the most?
13:26 Other factors that affect blood sugar
16:57 Buffering the insulin response
20:14 Tips to avoid junk food
22:30 Impactful dietary changes
33:28 Highly processed foods
35:16 Choosing a continuous glucose monitor

Justin Richard has collected a wealth of information using a continuous glucose monitor to experiment with different foods and their effect on his blood sugar. He explains how monitoring your glucose can help you stay healthy, too!

Justin has a family history of type 2 diabetes, so he wanted to learn more about insulin resistance to prevent the same fate. He noticed his energy levels diminishing in his late 40s, especially after eating certain foods, so he began using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) to investigate.

When he first experimented with the CGM, Justin followed his typical diet, which consisted of many highly processed foods. These foods elevated his blood sugar, and it remained elevated for quite some time.

Anytime you eat, especially carbs, your blood sugar rises. Depending on the type of food, you'll experience either a slight or dramatic rise.

Justin was surprised by the effect white flour, bread, and whole wheat bread had on his blood sugar. He explains that there is a minimal difference between white bread and whole wheat products when it comes to blood sugar. Ezekiel bread has the lowest impact on Justin’s blood sugar.

Justin explains that stress and lack of sleep significantly increase his fasting blood glucose. Eating close to bedtime leaves his blood sugar high for 6 to 7 hours.

Justin recommends eating carbs with protein, fat, and fiber. This slows down the rate of digestion, lowering the blood sugar spike after eating. Apple cider vinegar mixed in water also slows digestion and significantly lowers a blood sugar spike.

Justin suggests these tips to eliminate bad food choices and bad eating habits:

1. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry
2. Say no to junk food at the grocery store
3. Go for a walk after a large meal
4. Don’t consume sweets after a meal or when you wake up

Justin uses a Signos continuous glucose monitoring device and highly recommends it!

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness about your blood sugar and continuous glucose monitors. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @MarisaS-u8c says:

    This is amazing thank you. Love the collaboration! 👍🏻😎

  • @srich4490 says:

    I’ve been following Justin for some time, now! Love his content! So helpful, as I’m Type 2, as well.

  • @jamesalles139 says:

    Look out for the ingredient *maltodextrin* in ‘health’ supplements.
    I just found it in a favorite beet juice powder.
    It is not listed as a sugar.

    Maltodextrin has a glycemic index (GI) of 95–136, which is higher than table sugar’s GI of 65. This means that maltodextrin can cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly, especially if consumed in large amounts.

    • @bgezal says:

      It mainly is used for two purposes. In gainers as a fast carb because it is considered nice to the stomach, and as a diluting base for artificial sweeteners but that is only in very small amounts.

    • @jamesalles139 says:

      @@bgezal I would like to point you to research on the ‘vascular endothelial glycocalyx’ as our shields to emphasize the importance of keeping the blood glucose normalized (no spikes).

      If I am using artificial sweeteners to control my blood sugar, and maltodextrin is snuck in there, it defeats my purpose.

    • @11957gary says:

      I saw a video on the internet years ago, of this woman that went berserk because Mcdonald’s ran out of Mcnuggets. She tore the place apart. It look to me like she was a drug addict addicted to their food. So I never went back to Mcdonald.

    • @cho7707 says:

      It’s used as a filler in prescription drugs as well as processed foods. Wood pulp.

    • @karenchamps9087 says:

      It’s in a lot of foods. Also, seafood sauce.

  • @ritmos2380 says:

    Would love him to do a smoothie challenge vrs same ingredient ,same Quantity in whole food . .side by side same day .

  • @tonypapamusic says:

    Regarding sourdough bread: For over 12 years, I was dealing w awful morning digestive issues, coupled w migraine issues every couple of months. I went gluten free, tried stopping sugars (probably not as strict as I could have) etc, but it was only after I completely stopped highly processed seed oils that I found some improvement.

    I began my own sourdough starter and have been making my sourdough bread w unbleached flour (it’s the only way the natural fermentation works). EVERYTHING else is bleached flour. Like what you put in you swimming pool. Talk about stripping your gut health!

    For me, it’s the potatoes and rice that spiked my sugars and now I eat my bread and solved the 12 year torture sessions almost completely.
    I have heard that good home made bread can detox some heavy metals as well. Thank you, Dr Berg and guest. Always appreciated.

  • @flipthecoin888 says:

    Also in the topic of “taking back my health” I’m in the process of increasing my potassium and it’s been so helpful in regulating my heart rate and BP. Thank you

    • @WinsomeWinslet says:

      Can you share some of the ways you’re doing this? I need to do this but am having a hard time getting enough.

  • @masoudkhajavi8464 says:

    Being a diabetic I do follow Justin’s page and it has helped me to manage my blood suger . Wonderful guest thank you Dr Berg ❤

  • @susanlango6607 says:

    I so appreciate this interview! As an emotional eater, it is so hard not to eat that donut or ‘cakey’ food. Been doing keto for five weeks (my husband is also ❤️), and we’ve both lost weight!

    • @TracyKMainwaring says:

      I wish I could get my husband on board. He really needs to do this too but he sabotages me all the time.

    • @keriwilliams8980 says:

      My family was economically challenged so sugary sweet foods were considered a real treat. I grew up in this environment and eventually realized and admitted to being an addict to sugar. I’m not an addictive in any other sense so I was/am determined to kick this addiction. If I ever eat something sugary I eat until it’s gone or I’m full. Being honest with yourself, not delusional or making excuses is for yourself is paramount to your success

  • @flamingpieherman9822 says:

    I watched Justin a lot! I’m glad you had him on the program today.

    For me, sweets are the treat. They’re not the staple.

    If I go to the store and buy one or two chocolate bars, those chocolate bars will last me all week. I do have a small bag of chocolate at work. I may have a piece of chocolate twice a week… Because I don’t want it to be a crutch. I just want it to be the treat

  • @Catty19748 says:

    Wow Ive been following that blood sugar guy a lot recently. After coming across glucose revolution too, he just put it in to practice. All made sense. Im losing weight as we speak goodbye to cravings. Awesome interview thankyou.

  • @aaronpeters6209 says:

    That info about blood sugar staying elevated for hours, after eating carbs before sleep was astonishing. Think I got the motivation to quit such a habit on the rare nights I do this. Thank you!

  • @administrativeaccounting3953 says:

    Be sure to test home grains (Freshly milled grains) as it has a huge difference than that store bought stuff. I don’t see anyone comparing to real bread, the old fashioned make it at home freshly milled wheat (and nothing sifted out of it when used). I would like to see testing on that but you have to make it yourself with a grain mill and baking it yourself. I find a huge difference since I started milling my own grains. I feel so much better since I have switched and don’t eat that processed stuff.

    • @Kuch.bhi.official says:

      i had HBA1c 6.74 . 3 years ago
      at that time i was Drinking sweet Tea 9 to 10 CUPS a day. plus 8 to 9 Chapati (Roti) Bread ( Whole Wheat )
      after that i remove sugar and reduce chapati ( roti ) Bread from 9 to 2 (Whole wheat Stone mill Grinded ) per day & zero Cups of Tea per day.. after few months my HBA1c was 4.68 it was very great for me then i added some rice and little bit sweet some time in a month then Hba1c was 5.3 & now 5.06
      I was 77 KG at the time of 6.74 HBA1c
      and i was 58KG when my HBA1c was 4.68
      I AM 65KG and HBA1c is 5.06
      I am eating little bit fruit some time in a month. and salad daily… and i only eat two times a day and 1 bread at a time. NO tea NO soda NO bakery items. just dry fruits some time and i did 16 to 18 hours fasting many many months from last 3 years

      I reverse my diabetes and now its in control.
      Thanks to GOD.

  • @xdgs567z says:

    I’m also in the 40s and noticed a decline in my health….now recently in the past 4 weeks I’ve been doing intermittent fasting, virtually cutting off all processed foods and eating a low carb diet…..I’ve noticed my irregular heartbeat that I’ve developed over the past few years is gone, my blood pressure is no longer high, my joint pain is gone….i can feel my body is detoxing but I feel if I keep this up for another month, I will reap the full potential benefits of this

  • @eatwhatukiii2532 says:

    The late night eating/6 hour blood spike part freaked me out, because so many of us have done this and just think of all the DAMAGE that high blood glucose is doing to our eyesight, capillaries, nerves, and other organs over those hours! Also, I 100% agree with all his blood glucose/energy level findings. I too grew up eating the carby breakfast, not just cereals, but so-called “healthy” breakfasts of meat, eggs, orange juice, whole wheat toast, oatmeal, etc., and would drag through the day feeling washed out, headachy, and what we call “logey” all day. I went low-carb back in 2004 after several friends lost significant weight converting to it, and within two weeks my migraines were gone, my daytime energy level was off the charts, and I felt like “everything worked properly”.

    • @FinancialConsultdotcodotza says:

      Do you think meat and eggs are carbs? Problem mostly is the canola used to prep foods…should use virgin olive.

  • @MollieC-uc1fk says:

    There is a French doctor on the glucose revolution YT channel who does glucose spike research. She has curbed the glucose spikes up to 75% through changing the order of the food you eat. Start with fiber, then fat and protein and eat carbs last. You also have to do some exercise after you eat to tell the glucose to go to food rather than fat. I suggest checking her out. Her name is Jessie.

  • @Margarinetaylorgrease says:

    I’m liking how this guy says “for me”.
    Twins have been monitored with these glucose monitor things and insulin spikes were triggered by different things. This from memory, one was triggered by rice while the other wasn’t and the other by white wine while the other was not.
    Gut bacteria was speculated as a possible reason.

  • @mikegurley4397 says:

    I also monitor with CGM and have found very similar results as Jason and has been a game changer. At my age my peers are all struggling with diabetes. I have convinced several to start CGM. One more thing I can add, if getting off track and my blood sugar starts trending higher, skipping a meal will get it back in line.

  • @aliawells says:

    I tried Doritos after almost a year on the Carnivore diet. I tasted like chemical flavored cardboard. However, before carnivore it was something I really “enjoyed”

  • @nashfordtx says:

    As a prediabetic, I love this interview. So relatable and personal without being overbearing. Thanks.

  • @barbaraschultz1442 says:

    This is reality people! My opinion one of the best videos on the internet for anyone learning to watch their glucose and health!!! Love the tip that you say no at the grocery store!!! Moreover, get in the kitchen, meal prep! Change poor choices to healthy ones. Thanks for your authenticity!

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