Dave McKinnon

  • Joe says:

    You’re gold, doctor! Thank you.

  • cherry blossoms says:

    Just when i was thinking of something that could help fix my shrimp posture. Doc to the rescue!!!

  • Carmen Pohl says:

    Good advice. Thank you

  • E. Kay Garden says:


  • amg says:

    You are simply fantastic doc. GOD sent🙏🙏

  • Chicken dog says:

    You know your rich when you have a empty corner in your house 😂

  • Fruitplantfairynpups says:

    Love this!! Thank you!!✨💗✨

  • prince says:

    My man Dr Mandel back with more heat ❤ i love how he speaks i dont know if its his accent or cadence or combination of both but Doc sounds like somethinh from the 1800s

  • Diane Beier says:

    GREAT motivation, this is what so many of us need!😊

  • SimplyTheBest says:

    Doc you are awesome…. and you’ve got some looonng limbs.

  • Denise T says:

    You’re the best Dr. Mandell.
    Thank you.

  • M says:

    Aww as we love you Doc..💜🙏

  • Blue Haired Witch says:

    This works really well! I have disc degeneration from C-2 through T-1, and was constantly feeling numbness and tingling. My physiotherapist taught me this maneuver and it is something I do everyday. Thumbs up, Doc!

  • Melisia Cappell says:

    Thank you doc ❤

  • Bobbie Molina says:

    Thank you ❤

  • Susan Y says:

    We all love you back Dr with gratefulness and happiness this channel brings🎉all the following friends together full of healthy habits from Dr Mandell’s amazing practice, Thank You Dr M.

  • Deborah Arnao-LeCesne says:

    Should help my occasional shoulder/upper arm discomfort as well! Thank you Dr M!

  • Deborah DeMarco says:

    This technique felt good. Great stretching exercise. You are the best Dr. Mandell. ❤😊

  • Cathy Johnston says:

    Thank you. I’ve lost my ease in turning while standing up, lately I’ve attempted to heal by holding a chair. This move will give me upright posture with a turning motion. I lost my walking stride back in 2019. Walking stride had always been something I admired, my Mother’s stride was a quick clip, light, fast, easy, growing up I could stay still and simply watch her dash about, happy, joyful. To any one that may read this hold on tightly to your walking stride. As you walk turn your brain to feel the wonder of your legs stretching out your feet hitting the ground with balance. God Bless Everyone

  • Kamaldaye Jadoonath says:

    Thank u so much doc

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