What to Know About Compound Bone Fractures and Inflammation

What to Know About Compound Bone Fractures and Inflammation

It is not the norm for major athletes and celebrities to be in the news about inflammation, but golfing legend Tiger Woods has been exceptional in many realms. The recent tragic automobile accident that resulted in serious harm from multiple leg injuries dominated the news. Injuries cause immediate inflammation and there are times that this inflammation can last for years or permanenetly.

The initial reports showed that Tiger Woods had been extricated from the wrecked vehicle and that he underwent surgery for multiple compound fractures in his leg and ankle. According to Dow Jones News, Woods endured a surgery on his lower right leg and ankle after suffering comminuted open fractures. The long and short of that is fractures in multiple places with the upper and lower bones in the leg. A rod was used in the tibia and screws and pins were used to stabilize Woods’s foot and ankle.

So what do you need to know about compound fractures and near-term swelling and long-term inflammation?

Many people have experienced bone fractures and the near-term and long-term swelling that accompany the injury. Some fractures heal with only minor swelling and inflammation. Some fractures do not heal very well at all and can be followed with swelling that lasts for years. And for some of those breaks around joints, the long-term swelling may ultimately be followed by arthritis or gout.

According to Osteo-Pharma, there are about 2 million fractures that occur each year in the United States alone and that figure includes fractures in patients suffering from osteoporosis.

An earlier report from the National Institutes of Health titled ‘Inflammation, Fracture and Bone Repair’ goes into detail. The processes of acute and chronic inflammation play an integral role around reconstitution of lost bone. Acute inflammation can become chronic if it is not resolved by normal homeostatic mechanisms. These issues revolve around fractures and non-union, as well as infections, inflammatory arthritis, osteoporosis, metabolic bone disease, osteonecrosis and more.

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