Dave McKinnon

  • @seminekavalci400 says:

    Harika teşekkürler anlattınız 🫶

  • @AmandaBaker-qy7cr says:

    Interesting perspective, got me thinking!

  • @JCO66 says:

    It worked. Ty. Texas has the worst allergies & nothing works with medication OTC

  • @reedstemen says:

    I remember watching your video on this a long time ago with the ear pulling technique and I still use the techniques to this day, works great, second nature now to relieve sinuses. I’ve shown at least 10+ people this technique, you’re a big help.

  • @marvine7396 says:

    You are extremely intelligent! Thank you so very much for your information & sharing them.❤❤

  • @joannerudow337 says:

    I so needed this morning to do this can’t wait to use it and share with the family – you are amazing thank you again for all of these alternatives to meds!!!

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    👍😍its works You are intellegent thanks for sharing this to us😇God bless☝️❤

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    Any suggestions on that burning pain in your nose

  • @margaretbrittgray3278 says:

    That even made my eyes feel better!
    Thank you Dr.Mandell ❤
    Make Your Day a Great Day 👍

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    Thank u ❤

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    I learn this from you from a video you did once ❤thanks again

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    This truly works ❤ Thank you, Doctor Mandell ❤️

  • @mariesprowl2348 says:

    Work super quick. That leaning the head to one side while applying pressure really did the trick . ❤😊

  • @dawnieholland8368 says:

    Ooo going to try this Dr,can breathe ok but my left ear has felt pressure like it’s full.Got Nasal spray but still got it.❤

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    Buna dimineata ! MUlTUMIM ! El este un Doctor stie exact ce si unde sa actioneze ! Sanatate si voie buna tuturor ! 🙏

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    Mmm yes that feels really good, sometimes you don’t know if you are congested or not until you try to unblock. Thank you Dr🙏

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    Make it a great day! 😃

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    So easy with great results, thanks Doc!

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