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    Wow. .yea that’s all true…butt darnitt…What a BUZZ Killer Mr.Doctor..😮

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    You’re a star, keep shining bright!

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    I agree with you and you are right on basically everything, but to my understanding if you have low or moderate amounts of alcohol (like 1-2 glass a weak) you would be fine and may get health benefits if it’s nice red wine. As for whiskey vodka and other hard liquor they may only do harm in small amounts even if you drink a small amount of them. And beer I believe would be ok and maybe have some health benefits if you drink beer from the old days that was very watered down and had like 1-4% alcohol. Unlike modern beer with better distillation of alcohol we can get beer that can have idk like 10-12%.

    Would like your input but I think a glass or two or red wine and very water down beer every week will not affect you much and may have some small health benefits. Just yeah don’t drink alcohol about 6 hours before bed to not affect sleep

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    Always entertained by your content, it’s awesome!

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    At this medical evidence I’m still wondering at this point in time why alcohol is even legal with this many downfalls of medical issues? Maybe that’s why they call it spirits because it’ll put you in the grave and turn into a spirit.lol 😂

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    😊just now i know this❤thanks for sharing this to us😇God bless You☝🏻❤

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    Idk man. Lots of drunks always pick fights. 😂

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    It’s best to avoid alcohol and that’s for men and women.

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    Great to hear, thank you for safe my life maintain a healthy diet healthy body and life. So happy my gut really love you and say thank you to you 😃😃🙂🍓🍒🫒

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    I just quit drinking almost 90 days ago. Let me tell you what, if you want to feel as good as you did in high school, quit drinking and smoking.

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    Ohh I don’t drink

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    I know God has open the doors with underlining health issues
    True godsend
    I watch your shows everyday
    Thanks again for your experience and expertise

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    thank you dr.mandell

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    Thank you for the video

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    Put some Red Stag in that glass & let’s giddit🙂


    WHERE DOES THIS GUY COME FROM? I MEAN HE’S GIVING US ALL KINDS OF FREE INFORMATION THAT WOULD NOT BE EASILY TO COME BY OTHERWISE. This guy is a doctor that’s what It says. Keep it rolling. I appreciate you and I know from reading that a lot of other people appreciate you.

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    Boss vids 👍👍👍 helping people bless you in health 🫶

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    Thank you Dr Mandell for sharing this information ❤

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