Menopausal Hot Flashes Are Not Inevitable

Why do 85 percent of menopausal women suffer hot flashes in some countries but only 15 percent in others?

I continue with this topic in the next video, Soy Foods for Menopause Hot Flash Symptoms ( ). Also see Dietary Approach to Naturally Treating Menopause Symptoms ( ).

I recently did a series on vaginal menopause symptoms, including:
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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • saint amata says:

    When he doe these two part podcasts, I have a ton of trouble remembering and finding the second part. Frustrating. 😢

  • Labyrinth says:

    If it turns out that Soy is the key, guess I’ll just be buying fans. Because I’m an asthmatic and eating large amounts of soy makes me wheeze. I had a full on Asthma attack after eating a tofu banh mi. (Sad too because it was delicious). Had to cut soy out of my plant based diet. 😭

  • Syrah Smythe says:

    I’m 51 and finally started peri around 50. I felt 6 weeks of what I’d call occasional “warmth” but no overwhelming flashes or anything crazy. Veggie for 33 years. I eat a little bit of soy, but not much. I exercise like a banshee 7 days a week though and wonder if this is helping. It must be….

  • Jason Bills says:

    They also have a lot more Iodine in their diet and the Japanese recommended daily allowance is a lot higher than the U.S. I didn’t realize how important it is in my wife’s and I diet until I became deficient in it. My wife’s hot flashes have been reducing in frequency and intensity as we have been supplementing with Iodine. Since we are vegan and don’t really have access to the seaweed sheets we been using a little bit of the pharmacy bought Iodine and rubbing a little patch on our skin. It absorbs super quickly but taking a little longer as we get more in our systems.

  • Jenna Wingate says:

    Never had a hot flash, 4 years post. The only symptoms I have had are crazy dreams, brain fog, and dry skin. I do eat soy most every day – tofu, milk, or yogurt. My BMI has gone from 37 to 27 this year (yay), and my skin has improved, but otherwise about the same.

  • Heidi says:

    I’m a vegan and went into surgical menopause 6 months ago. I am not on HRT. I’ve upped my soy and omega 3 intake and am doing pretty well. I had occasional mild hot flashes about a month in for a few months but they have dissipated. Thank you for your good work.

  • Gale Coldwell-Coldwell Banker Realty says:

    Hi all,

    For those of you who are eating soy, what would you suggest as the easiest and most versatile way to incorporate soy into my diet? I do prepare most of my meals at home, even when I am planning to be in the office all day, however, this is time consuming. I do appreciate any and all comments.

    • Lilly Rose says:

      natural tofu mixed with your fav vegan yogurt to mimic cottage cheese, which can be used as a pancake topping, with fruit, stri fried tofu, tofu with condiments and veggies on a toast, edamame to any dish, alpro yogurts are from soy and delicious

    • Gale Coldwell-Coldwell Banker Realty says:

      @Lilly Rose ,

    • MB says:

      Intact whole dried soy beans! You can find them at Indian grocers. Instant Pot, top with water until just covering, 45 mins pressure cook, natural release. Cool completely and freeze in portions. Defrost 3 minutes in microwave. Use cooked beans in just about ANY recipe.

    • K j says:

      My freezer is packed with frozen whole bean Edamame pods- I steam and serve with a pinch of flake salt, kiddos love the snack too.

    • L. G. says:

      I like soy milk lattes (made at home with unsweetened soy milk) and occasionally tofu pudding in addition to the typical tofu meals. It would probably work well in a smoothie too, which is pretty quick to make.

  • we photo gal says:

    Vegetarian for 30 years, vegan for 8. I am 54 years old and haven’t had a period in around two years or experienced a single hot flash. My soy consumption is moderate at best. A whole food vegan lifestyle is a win win win.

  • Carina Ekström says:

    This seems true to me. I don’t have any of the problems described (obesity, etc.) and never noticed any menopause symptoms except my period gradually disappeared.

  • Tyler 'Skye' says:

    So, it’s because of low estrogen? High estrogen? Hormone imbalance?

    I’ve had hot & cold flashes most of my life (since about 12). Overall, they’ve gotten worse over time. I’m fairly young, I’m underweight (gaining weight is mostly unrealistic for me) & I’ve been vegan for 8 years. I prefer to eat whole foods, but often find the need to eat very soon, before I get sick, so I’ve been eating more processed foods for a while, now. I drink an average of 1-2 bottles of (414mL) Soylent everyday to avoid starvation (on top of meals).

    What do I do to stop having so many hot & cold flashes?

  • Jill Whitcomb says:

    Went through menopause in 2018 at age 52 (I’m now almost 58). No hot flashes, no brain fog, no crabby moods, nothing really horrible aside from a random pimple or two on my jawline now and again. I’m convinced that a plant based diet, limiting caffeine to 400 mg (or less) per day, limiting alcoholic beverages to few and far between, and walking 45 minutes a day helped. Since age 52, I’ve completed a couple of university degrees, and lived in Wales and Poland as a digital nomad for short stints, as well. Nope, I don’t take hormone replacements, nor any prescription medications, either. Like most of us who follow a plant-based diet, we feel decades younger than our actual ages !

  • sophie poupou says:

    Je confirme ! Je suis devenue végétalienne à 48 ans après avoir lu le rapport Campbell et j’ai commencé ma prémenopause et ménopause à 56 ans. Je n’ai jamais ressenti le moindre symptôme de ménopause, pas de bouffée de chaleur, pas de malaise, seul l’arrêt des menstruations. Rien d’autre! Ça m’a surprise car les femmes chez moi ont toutes eu beaucoup de symptômes. Aucun dans mon cas. J’ai maintenant 61 ans. Je suis la seule dans la famille à manger à base de plantes et du tofu.

  • Flora Degrasso says:

    I eat a lower fat vegan diet for the most part and I’ve never had a hot flash. And I’m 58. I also never had PMS or any menopausal system (including cramps) after I began eating this way. My sisters, who eat meat and dairy, are obese and nearly bled out and experienced severe pain during menopause.

  • Dzina says:

    I believe you. I used to get horrible PMS. Since I went wfpb I don’t get any symptoms whatsoever unless I eat a ton of salty/oily foods. I am very optimistic about my upcoming menopause. I’m tired of women victimizing themselves because of periods. None of the symptoms this society accepts as normal are normal, it’s just that the vast majority of the population eats so unhealthily that of course all the consequences of that are now considered normal. Swollen breasts, cramps, mood swings – none of this is normal. Eat well and your body will be well.

  • The Clean Veganista says:

    If only I wasn’t allergic to soy. Thankfully turmeric helps keep surgery-induced hot flashes at bay, mostly.

  • andrew pawley says:

    I love this channel!

  • 이태웅 says:

    적절한 신체활동

  • M T says:

    Thank you so much! So important <3

  • AlDoViRoo says:

    I am vegan and have been for 30 years. Still get insane hot flashes so I am on htr now.

  • karen mauer says:

    Twenty Nine years after onset of menopause, still hammered with Hot flashes and a miserable Attitude. Plant based diet over 6years, no dairy, meat etc. Soy as much as possible.. Still working on it & seems to be LIFETIME COMMITMENT. Thank you Dr. Greger.

  • >