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More than a hundred randomized controlled trials have demonstrated that our blood pressures fall…

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @stewart-p9j says:

    I guess you will do anything for money so sad you guys are so easily brainwashed. 💖😘

  • @OrsolaCrossett says:

    Sono grato per l’opportunità di entrare in contatto e imparare da donne così intelligenti e perspicaci. È un privilegio far parte di questa comunità.💕

  • @thebigmm6548 says:

    Man this bots are now being paid by big-salt corp

  • @C.L.Hinton says:

    Those trials seemed to focus on lower systolic numbers. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about diastolic? Is there clinical evidence that shows that reducing sodium intake affects diastolic?

  • @TomsWhip says:

    I have been mixing potassium chloride with regular table salt for a couple years now and it works well

  • @paulcohen6727 says:

    Or, you could just not use salt at all.

  • @mu999 says:

    Веганам лучше вообще убрать соль натрия. Ведь соль стимулирует выработку соляной кислоты, а если нет животных белков, то может быть язва.

  • @WeCelebrateEatingPlants says:

    Reducing salt over time reduces cravings for salt, gets easier to stay away from it 👍

  • @katzensindweich3505 says:

    Salt is my biggest weakness ❤

  • @charliemorrison8168 says:

    So do we try to get it down to 750mg or 1500? I thought Dr. Greger suggested 1500mg before.

    • @ninjaturtles12121 says:

      1500 is his recommendation for compliance sake. He personally in his personal diet goes lower. But if you are consistently staying at 1500 n have no heart issues you are good!

    • @charliemorrison8168 says:

      @@ninjaturtles12121 my body acts very negatively to salt. It does however do well when I get sodium naturally from vegetables.

  • @jagsterr1 says:

    Keto people are consuming a LOT of salt – what happens to them?

  • @ninjaturtles12121 says:

    What is everybody’s fav salt substitute??? Please help me out. Im sincerely going to try to get to 1500 this year

  • @michaeliverson8464 says:

    Cured my hypertension in less than 3 weeks just by cutting out sodium.

  • @one23itsjustme says:

  • >