No More Sleepless Nights: The Ultimate Cure for Urination Frequency at Night (Nocturia)

Experiencing frequent urination at night is miserable. Learn what you can do about nocturia.


0:00 Introduction: Frequent urination at night (nocturia)
0:27 Nocturia explained 
1:13 Frequent urination causes  
4:10 What causes high insulin before bed? 
4:50 What you can do for nocturia 

In this video, let’s talk about what you can do if you experience frequent urination at night, also called nocturia. Urinary frequency is not a problem with the bladder. It’s a dietary problem. 

Nocturia can lead to:
• Fatigue 
• Blood sugar problems 
• Carb cravings 
• Increased cortisol (which affects your mood)
• Issues with your cognitive function 

This problem happens equally in men and women. Frequent urination in women is often thought to be caused by a urinary tract infection, and frequent urination in men is often thought to be caused by an enlarged prostate. But, while these could be factors, there is something else that is more common. 

Diabetics nearly always have problems with urinary frequency. People who have diabetes have high blood sugar levels and high levels of insulin (unless they have type 1 diabetes). In a study related to dogs, it was found that when insulin was administered to the dogs, they had significant urine output. Insulin inhibits the adrenal hormones that hold urine. High levels of insulin are also nearly always found in people who have overactive bladder syndrome. 

Doctors never seem to test insulin levels. But, I believe the most likely situation that causes urinary frequency is high levels of insulin. 

Snacking at night is a big cause of high insulin throughout the night. Even a low-carb snack will raise insulin. 

What you can do for nocturia:
• Stop snacking at night (don’t eat or drink after 6:30 pm)
• Consume less than 30g of carbs per day (Healthy Keto diet) 
• Do intermittent fasting 

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Try these tips to help stop frequent urination at night (nocturia).

Dave McKinnon

  • Rod says:

    Dr. Berg, thank you for another inciteful and inspiring video! After 3 months of healthy keto, 18 hours/day of IF , I’ve lost over 40 pounds and I urinate much less at night (zero to 1x). I still have a slight issue with urinary dribbling, but I am sure that this will go away in time. I stopped taking Stelara for UC that was in remission, knowing and understanding that my previous SAD regime was the cause of my body’s inflammation. Thanks again from Canada!

  • Jim Lund says:

    Very interesting in that this problem is always assigned to a prostate problem but in the end it’s an insulin problem at the root of it. Good on Dr. Berg for always educating his viewers on the exact causes of common physical problems, and, most importantly, providing a healthy solution to the problem. Healthy keto and fasting has really helped me.

    • Moishe Weizman says:

      It can be an urea/uric acid problem and not an insulin problem.

    • Luis Firpi says:


    • L J says:

      @Moishe Weizman that’s an interest point, yea my sibling has been on a keto diet forever yet hasn’t seen much relief, n lost a ton of weight n sugar levels are normal but this issue has overwhelm their life, will bring that one up n have it tested.

    • Rugbydazz says:

      Well it makes sense after watching Dr Bergs videos as he stated the link between high insulin levels and cancer because the insulin is a growth hormone, well I never knew that until i heard Dr berg say it.

  • 11GrindTime11 says:

    After 1 month of not eating 5+ hours before my bedtime and also not drinking any fluids 5 hours before bedtime I have finally stopped waking up to urinate. I’ve woken up only twice within a month. Thank you for this info! It’s changed my life. I’m finally getting much better sleep and my quality of life is so much better!

    Update: 2 months after this comment
    I now only drink water when thirsty. My kidneys no longer hurt and I can eat and drink fluids 2 to 3 hours prior to bedtime and I still no longer wake up to use the bathroom. My sleep has improved so much.

    6 month edit: I still no longer wake up to urinate. Occasionally once every week or two I will. Also for anyone wondering I’m 34 years old.

    1 year edit. Everything is still good as it has been. The best thing about not waking up to urinate is better sleep. I hope this comment has helped. I only drink water when I’m thirsty and I don’t drink or eat anything a few hours before bed and that’s good enough for me. I eat my last meal about 7pm or 8pm and go to bed about 11pm or 12am everyday.

    • Kakashi Jr says:

      same here. its worken for me. tonight i fnaly sleeped 7 hours only woke up 3 times. my porplem was everytime i go bed. i would eat and drink then go bed. and keeped going bathroom all night and won.t fall a sleep tell 5am and wake up 9am.

    • 11GrindTime11 says:

      @Kakashi Jr just stay consistent with it and it’ll get better over time. Let me know how things go.

    • Kurt Kissinger says:

      So I would have to eat dinner at 3:30 pm, for your five and a half hour food/drink cut-off. I am very active, and half the time I could be surfing around that time.

    • 11GrindTime11 says:

      @Kurt Kissinger now it’s been 4 months. I Mainly just focus only on not drinking fluids 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Now I can eat an hour before bedtime and still not wake up.

    • Vick Mortensen says:

      But do you drink less water overall during the day?

  • ti gra says:

    About a week in, and I can definitely see a difference! I routinely drink a lot of water and had tried stopping that before with mixed results. So, I started eating dinner between 5 and 6, and stopped drinking water after that. No snacking. In 7 days, I’ve gone from 3-4 times per night average, down to 1. Thank you Dr. B!

  • Long Island NY says:

    Thank you DR. Berg,you’ve answered my question.Was wondering why I kept going during the night.I almost always eat fruit before bed & I’m always drinking throughout the day even at night.

  • Liberty Bell says:

    Dr Berg, I have struggled with frequent urination (day and night) for most of my life and have been looking for the answer for years. No one has ever mentioned insulin, but it makes sense! I am going to do your recommendation and will report back with my results. Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Alexander Naumovski says:

    Thank you Dr Berg for telling people the truth on how to stop the nocturnia madness! You are sweet and kind person! Unlike my doctor who told me it’s ‘ normal ‘ to get up many times a night to urinate when I asked him about that problem as a teenager! Now I can finally get rid of this nocturnia torture!

    • Luisa says:

      Yes, many doctors are so ignorant. I have tried what Dr. Berg said, IF (Intermittent Fasting) and Keto diet – not super consistent – but it has helped me a lot to stop getting up at night. I will do this more religiously because I believe this affects my health in som many ways. Hope this works for you. All the best!

    • JM Aniekpon says:

      Could the doctor(s) be telling lies or be deficient in their knowledge about a solution to ‘Nuctunia’ ? I’m confronting my doctor with this honest facts from Dr Berg here that works for many.. God bless Dr Berg 🙏 I so pray

    • Tara L says:

      I mean, even Dr Berg doesn’t really know. I’ve been following his advice on this video and others, and have for sure lost weight, but none of his advice has had any influence on my nocturia. Just a heads up. These are very generalised advice videos, nowhere near as specific as an actual doctor.

    • Ka Me says:

      ​@Tara L i totally agree, bergs focus on IF as a remedy for everything is dubious for example but an actual doctor wont be of more help

    • Ann Laughren says:

      What causing awake all night, sleep only in daytime. We all are health minded family.
      In our 70 age.

  • Noel says:

    I was always waking up to pee and it was so bad to the point I was waking up 3 to 4 times a night but saw this video two days ago and yesterday I only woke up once and today I didn’t wake up at all to pee! Thank you DR Berg!

    • Jamie Thomas says:

      I am the same way, average 3-4 times a night or more and didnt know why. Just found this video today and am gonna give it a try tonight. Ate early dinner and no more water, hopefully I can get some results tonight!

    • Jared Bangerter says:

      I’m 3 to 5 times a night. I hate it and I am desperate. How long before bed WERE you drinking / eating before you changed to not eating or drinking within 4 hours of bed time?

    • Travis McGee says:

      @Jared Bangerter I’m more like 6-8 times a night, but I always eat and drink water just before bed. I’ll give the doc’s advice a try and give an updated in a few days.

    • A Willis says:

      @Travis McGee how did you go?

    • Andrej Z89 says:

      @Travis McGee Please update!

  • Joey Carter says:

    Hi Dr. Berg, Thanks for all your informative videos. I’ve been following and listening to You for awhile. I’ve got an issue with frequent urination. A little background would be in order, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2020. Underwent treatment and all is good now, PSA non detectable and testosterone VERY low. The other issue I have is that my work schedule is backwards, I work 8pm-5am, and I have the problem with noctournia. my question is when should I eat that LAST meal and cut off the water intake. I eat pretty healthy and mostly only drink water, soda maybe once a week or, sweet tea during the day with a meal.

  • P Szentgyorgyi says:

    Thank you for another great video 🙂
    I’d like to share an interesting experience that happened to my wife and me. We’ve done juice detox in a camp for two weeks (first-week cleaning bladder, second-week liver), drinking 6-10 litres of liquid per day. After the first few days, we were able to sleep through the night without waking up; yes we visited the “rest place” a lot during the day. I feel like you can have as much water as you want, but the amount of spices in your food triggers the bladder too. Less spice in my food and less salt also help me sleep.
    Sometimes I feel like our body is another person with “needs” that we need to control/educate.
    Side note: we prefer vegan foods, trying to live a “healthy-life”.
    Wishing you good health and strength to keep doing your great work.

  • December Names says:

    I absolutely loved this video! The positive vibes were contagious, and I found myself smiling and feeling inspired throughout the entire thing. The editing was fantastic, and the message was so uplifting. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who needs a little boost of positivity in their day. Highly recommend!

  • Martini Nevada says:

    I have done that before not drink fluids late in the evening & it is a big difference far as not getting up at night & getting a complete sleep. You are so awesome Dr. Berg 🤗

  • Bonnie says:

    I’m old enough to remember when doctors tried to tell people things like this, but the people didn’t listen. They wanted pills instead of making changes. We were truly addicted to our junk food. I’m glad to see people waking up and taking back control of their health and doctors like you still fighting the good fight.

  • Rafael Shumaker says:

    My nighttime urination went from 4 times per night, to none, after just 3 days. In another video on this same topic, you connect this even more to insulin resistance and recommend keto. I was not prepared to go that far. But I decided it would not be hard to just avoid the sugar gang (sugar, grains, and starches). I did not avoid them completely. But I reduced them significantly. After just 3 days, I slept through the night without needing the bathroom even once. And every night since then has been the same, rarely ever needing the bathroom at night. So I decided to continue avoiding the sugar gang. After just 3 weeks, my E.D disappeared. And after 3 months, I noticed that my belt had gone from its largest setting to its smallest one. I have almost no fat now, even though I have been eating more fatty cuts of meat, on purpose, as well as eggs and real butter. I am feeling better than I have in ages. Thank you Dr Berg.

    • Catherine Attakli banini says:

      ❤thanks Doctor

    • Sneaky Press says:

      @Akib Jabar Bhat You may have type 1 diabetes mellitus. Or, diabetes insipidus. Do you have other symptoms.

    • Oneda Zinn says:

      wow congrats!

    • Rafael Shumaker says:

      @Akib Jabar Bhat, are you saying that you frequently have urges to urinate that are too strong to resist, or that it just trickles out on its own with no ability to stop it? The only real difference between those two things is that, with the first, you feel the urge and cannot resist it, and with the second, you don’t even feel the urge, there’s just no control. The first would be some sort of spasm of the bladder any time it’s not empty. The other would be either no muscle control to stop the flow, or no ability to sense the presence of urine in the bladder. I’m not sure it would make much of a difference in the overall effect. But it might make a difference in tracing what the problem is.

    • jeff squidfart says:

      I’m having issues with pee..

  • Joseph Ryan says:

    I’m a 63-year-old man and have been getting up every two hours (or less) at night to use the bathroom for a while. Two nights ago I followed your recommendation and didn’t have any drinks or snacks after dinner (not an easy thing for me to do, I might add).

    The effect was immediate!! I got up only once that night to use the bathroom, and that was after being woken up by my cat 🙀. Same with last night.

    Thanks Dr. Berg!!!

  • Ernest Kalunga says:

    Thank you Dr Berg for the clear explanation on frequent urination (Nocturia). Your advice has helped me overcome the problem.

  • Madan Suvedi says:

    I’m 50, 53 kg in weight and have been going through this problem for a decade or more. I think sleepless nights are the main cause of thinner body size.
    It’s my first day that I’ll start with this routine. Let’s see the impact.
    Thanks Dr. Berg! And also, thanks to all of the beautiful souls here for your honest comments.

  • Douglas Phillips says:

    I’m 53 and have lost 38 lbs in past 4 months fasting and hiking and feel so much better. I have no problem not eating now but drinking is another matter as I always drink something right up to bedtime and I’m usually up 3 times a night so definitely giving this a try . Thank you and God bless.

  • Kumar Rajen says:

    Dr Berg, there is another important factor related to frequency of urination that is commonly ignored by many. This is the outside temp and amount of heat loss from body. Higher the amount of heat loss from body, for example in winters, higher the frequency of urination. So keep your body warm during sleep.

  • Americana Dreaming 🇺🇲 says:

    Doc Berg is a legend! Been doing IF and been sugar free for well over a year, so I just watch these videos as a healthy reminder of why. Thanks so much, Doc!

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