No symptoms? No problem?

Five major diseases that can be tested for but typically show no symptoms until they are full-blown:

1. Heart Disease
2. Fatty Liver Disease
3. Colorectal Cancer
4. Lung Cancer
5. Type 2 Diabetes

One way that may reduce the risk of disease is by understanding what's happening in your body. Testing is key. Out-of-range biomarkers and negatively trending results over time can signal something is wrong before a symptom occurs. That's why I co-founded @functionhealth — a new way to manage your health that includes comprehensive lab testing every few months to keep you on top of your constantly changing health.

Function membership includes these tests and 100+ more:

• Advanced heart biomarkers ApoB and Lp(a), both of which are rarely tested in standard physicals
• Comprehensive liver biomarkers GGT and ALT
• Immune regulation biomarkers hs-CRP and WBC
• Metabolic health biomarkers HbA1c and insulin

Members can also purchase the groundbreaking Galleri by Grail multi-cancer detection test, which can detect 50 different types of cancer as early as stage one.

Don't let these diseases become full-blown. Test over time. Address out-of-range and negatively trending results. Stay on top of your health.

The goal is 100 healthy years. Function was designed to help you meet that goal.

Dave McKinnon

  • Diana vargas says:

    The tan looks good on ya 🙂

  • Lisa G. says:

    Fear is what they’re pedaling. Fear and very expensive diagnostic tests. Because you might be sick this very minute and not even know it. No thank you 🙂

    • Dorothy Say says:

      Dr Mary Hyman is not like that. He’s a functional medicine specialist who specializes in integrated, holistic approach into medical care and disease prevention. If you knew his work you wouldn’t say what you said above.
      Truth be told these tests are generally NOT FOUND in regular visits to your GP, and can be massively helpful for those really interested in excellent health care.
      An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    • Elements of Nutrition says:

      That’s one way of looking at it. I do believe prevention is better than cure. Imagine if you could catch cancer or diabetes when they can be easy and painless and cheap to treat naturally. Family history, lifestyle risks and just feeling “off” can suggest that it might be worth a quick test. My doctor is always touting for business for big pharma by offering free testing! I would suggest that the most money is actually made by the pharmaceutical industry who rely on us getting REALLY sick.

    • Steve says:

      Even IF they find something they will lie through their teeth and tell you that they didn’t find anything

  • D.K VLOGS says:

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  • Bertha De Uriarte says:

    The first line of prevention is always healthy habits, a good nutrition, exercise, a project in life…. Then comes early diagnosis.🤗

    • Steve says:

      Good luck with early diagnosis. People with MD after their name make a career out of ONE diagnosis. All the so called “professionals” ever say is “we can’t find anything” so consider yourself lucky if you even get a diagnosis after YEARS let alone early.

  • Danny Krebs says:

    Does this test cover gut and brain inflammation?

  • Anna Maria says:

    It would also be good for plenty of symptoms, no diagnosis…. like many of us go through.

  • Edwin Smith says:

    sounds expensive

  • Andrew Romano says:


    WHAT TO DO ?


  • Dave Moss says:

    He’s a doctor he’s here to scare you.

  • Danuta Janeczek says:

    You are so right ,thank you.

  • Ana Smith says:

    Will insurance pay for testing when there are no symptoms?

  • Live Free says:


  • zero tolerance for Satanic Elite says:

    Thats nice to know but I don’t really want to go down the route of constantly checking and looking for things. It would make me paranoid.

    So I will concentrate on diet, nutrition, exercise and , reducing stress ie looking after myself properly.

  • Jenn Watson says:

    Theranos was real?

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