Peas & Corn are DEADLY Vegetables?! | Vegetable Tier List

Peas & Corn are DEADLY Vegetables?!

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Dave McKinnon

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  • @cmonarrez1513 says:

    These are two foods that I’ll keep away from me, thanks Dr.

    • @crystalsanders4334 says:

      Thank you Doctor I’m underweight I want to gain healthy weight. Some of elder need to gain weight. I do. Last time I checked I weighed 88 lb at 5’6 I’m diabetic. God bless you Doctor

  • @acildamasonzander9917 says:

    😊 Thanks.

  • @jhf1979 says:

    LOL. Corn doesnt even make any if the lists of foods that are high in lectins.

  • @BibleVault-jb9uf says:

    I love masa

  • @cynthiaevandyke-melchor83 says:

    Thanks 😮😢❤

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