Dave McKinnon

  • Theresa1 says:

    You are the best! I’m trying this tonight!!! Thank you!

  • M Plussant says:

    …and keep repeating: ‘there’s no place like home’…

  • Alfred says:

    Thanks Doc.❤😊

  • Ammar Mustafa says:

    I made a huge difference to mig after only 10 rep it’s very powerful thank Doc ❤️

  • jodie stewart says:

    Thanks, I’ll have to try it out.
    Nice picture above the sofa, love it!

  • E. D. says:

    I already can‘t breathe through that side and still struggle to fall asleep😂 gonna try it out tho just for fun

  • ISRAEL QUITO says:


  • Anna Richey says:

    Thank you Doctor Mandela you are loved ❤

  • Crissy K says:

    Going to try this tonight,for the most part im lucky to get 5 hours after i lay there 2 hours.

  • Nasrin Ali says:

    I’ll try it tonight, thanks Doc.❤

  • Genie B says:

    i’ll let you know unless i nod off to sleep 😂

  • Dian Rd says:

    Thank you so much Doctor Mandell ! I’ll do tonight ❤️

  • Connie Edwards says:

    Who knew? You knew thanks Dr. Mandell!!

  • Paulette Lewis says:

    I’m trying that tonight and wonder if it will work when I wake up at 3 a.m., and it takes forever to go back to sleep. Thank you for sharing.

  • Michael-Keith de Saint-Martin says:

    Thank you doctor. You are appreciated.

  • Maria Strazzeri says:

    That could definitely work, but if it doesn’t just lay down on your back or side, dark in the room, no noise t.v or radio. Just peace and quiet. Stay still laying down, you should fall asleep within 5 minutes. Though you could drink so chamomile tea 🫖 before bed also. Good luck.. love you dr. Mandell❤

  • Susan Y says:

    There is nobody like you Dr we’re all soo soo Blessed everyday is always happiness with motivationaldoc 🎉💪🏽

  • Jessica Tumlos says:

    Thank you Doctor Mandell.for all your helpful.videos..thank God for you and may He bless you longer life and more people watch your health tips .. it’s all true and helpful

  • Beulah Stevenson says:

    I just love the way Dr Mandela speaks ! ❤

  • Justin McPherson says:

    His tips are so priceless!!! You sir saved me from so much pain!!! Naturally!!! ❤

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