Dave McKinnon

  • Gertrude Boyd says:

    Absolutely unforgettable experience, thank you!😻

  • motivationaldoc says:

    You can use either thumb. You will usually find one more effective than the other. If one is not as effective, you can do both of them. Best of Health! Dr. Mandell

    • Enigma says:

      I’m so grateful that you spend some of your precious time with us here on YouTube. You help me every single day and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 👍🏻

    • Narender Makhijani says:

      Thank u very much Doc.
      U r really great and helpful.
      God bless

    • Radka Hunter says:

      Thank you, Doc! Just one, I guess silly, question…..how long should this technique done….a minute, two…three…?

  • BABY says:

    Yes it’s really work for me❤❤
    I do it every night when I’m going to bed…and I fall asleep like a baby..then woke up in the morning with a good mood…thank you DOCTOR 🙏🏼

  • Vanity Star says:

    Thank you. I do so many things that you’ve advised on videos. You keep it real and I appreciate you for that.

  • paul jordan says:

    Awesome thanks Dr. Alan Mandell

  • Aida Jimenez says:

    Thank you doc for sharing

  • Ramraji McCoon says:

    It will be nice to make a book with all of it .

  • Donna Brown says:

    It’s been almost nine years I’m still recuperating from a concussion I’m going to try this thank you ( love you more )

  • Bet KAY says:

    You, Doc Mandell, are the walking an talking body encyclopaedia … and we love you for it !!

  • Ai Wi says:

    Thank you for caring to post such useful information!

  • C. Bray says:

    I love you Dr. M! Keep the changes coming!

  • sharon vizcarrondo says:

    My God you are awesome Dr. Mandell.

  • Debbie Johnson says:

    Looking at this after midnight when I should already be asleep 😴. Trying it now, thank you!!

  • Yolanda Rudolph says:

    Dr. Mandell you are my hero ❤️ REALLY…GOD BLESS YOU AND ALWAYS KEEP YOU ❤🙂🙂

  • Isabella says:

    Reflexology training really opened my mind to how connected these pressure points can definitely assist in healing.

  • Sacha says:

    I just Love Dr. M..❤

  • Barbara Banks says:

    I can literally feel different.

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Thank you Doc for caring and sharing. ❤

  • Auralee Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing this message with us, to help our body’s get healthier 🎉❤😊😊

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