Podcast: A Plant-Based Pregnancy

The special dietary demands of pregnancy and breastfeeding. This episode features audio from:

Visit the video pages for all sources and doctor's notes related to this podcast.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Lacehairwigs says:

    I have 3 children my last pregnant I was plant based and I had the best pregnancy. No swelling ,no big nose, actually lost weight (14 lbs) healthily but baby was of normal weight 7.2 lbs and delivery and recovery was quick and easy. My recovery after childbirth was very fast because of my diet.

  • Jeff y Paulina says:

    Perfect timing! I’ve had two non vegan and two vegan pregnancies and am starting my first whole food plant based pregnancy and I’m so excited to see the difference. I’m hoping for a baby smaller than 9 lbs this time 😅

  • Mister X says:

    What is your take on the assertions of Niko Rittenau, one of Germany’s most watched vegan Youtubers, who says a vegan diet cannot supply all nutrients and we might need some exernal supply of arachadonic acid for instance?

    • Matt Donalds says:

      Um, please explain how a omega-6 fat does us any good as well as how one doctor can disprove the official statement from multiple nations nutrition and dietetics stance that a well-planned vegan diet is nutritionally adequate for all stages of life including pregnancy… ⏱️…

  • Karim Benmalek says:


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