Podcast: Healthy Teeth and Gums

Ignore them, and they’ll go away. This episode features audio from:

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Dave McKinnon

  • @yogi4lyfe says:

    Thank you!

  • @100LIAT says:

    תודה רבה רבה. יש ליאת הספרים שלך בשפה הונגרית.

  • @Apollo440 says:

    Why are those teeth, which everybody seems to be removing, called “wisdom teeth”? Dr. Greger gave me a hint: Pressure on your teeth (during chewing) affects blood circulation in the brain. Removing any teeth and not replacing them with implants diminishes that pressure and hinders healthy blood circulation in your brain. I’d recommend putting an implant in when removing any tooth (non-metal, zirconia would be best).

  • @mulik2005 says:

    I can confirm with my own example: periodontal disease stopped when I switched to a plant-based diet.

  • @jeannamcgregor9967 says:

    After I switched to a predominantly WFPB diet my former dentist said my gums were healthy enough that I could go from 3 cleanings per year down to 2 cleanings. When my new dentist rolled his eyes when I described this to him, I sent him a list of 10 reputable studies (from this channel) on saturated fat’s effect on periodontal disease. I hope he learned something. 🤨

  • @pampenney9600 says:

    Great information 😊I’m a dental hygienist! I’m excited to pass this along ❤

  • @Justno-hm3vk says:


  • @ensabahnur7657 says:


  • @carefulconsumer8682 says:

    I look at my very old relatives many of whom have dentures and they are sharp as tacks. I suspect a lot has to do with their diets— no fast food, no pesticides, no TV fro=zen dinners, etc.— and mostly a plant based diet except for eggs. Dentures are common in that “Greatest generation” and yet, dementia rare.

  • @leevize6045 says:

    RIP to dear Dr. McDougall 🙏 ✝️💜

  • @G-rig6969 says:

    Only brush the teeth you want to keep (and stay off the meth!)

  • @ALittlePeriwinkle says:

    Your videos are always so informative. It’s cool to know that teeth placement has to do with mental health.

    For the record, I had high cholesterol at the age of 18, receding gums, and I’ve been struggling with poor mental health (after braces my back molars don’t touch). Eating salads always makes my mind clearer. Now I know why!

    Thanks, Dr. Gregor!

  • @debstayblessed9549 says:

    Too late. I’m wfpb. I insisted on a back molar be extracted and to discontinue the practice of putting a crown over root canal. A dead root serving as bad bacteria growing ground. The oral surgeon told me after the extraction it’s a good thing my former doctor recommended the Extraction. I said he didn’t but I insisted. Oral surgeon looked surprised. My chronic eye infection and nasal infections are slowly clearing away. The extraction is so far in the back of my mouth you can’t see it even when I smile or unless your doing dental work. Person has to advocate for yourself and always PRAY!

  • @ajcochrane007 says:

    Really helpful episode. Thanks

  • @Babesinthewood97 says:

    I’ve actually only had two cleanings in my life. Didn’t know you should. I’m 44. Had zero plaque. I’ve eaten mostly plant based since I was 16. Thank god for that.

  • @Alexander-ok7fm says:

    Thank you 😊

  • @georgecav says:

    CoQ10 is a simple fix for periodontitis / gingivitis which of course also links to better heart health

  • @marc31415 says:

    Great perspective Doc!

  • @Hyperion1040 says:

    In Japan they are testing drug for teeth regrow

  • @0000asdfasdf0000 says:

    Can I just say that I love this man! We need more M.D. to talk science on lifestyle for those of us who need the evidence based , mathematical data based, logical and analytical problem solvers! GO PLANT POWER!

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