Podcast: Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

We can’t live without this special filter system for our body. This episode features audio from:

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Dave McKinnon

  • Nello’s Nook says:

    Thanks Dr. Greger! 🙏

  • Thomas Patterson says:

    Lentils have become one of my favorite foods! That’s saying something for meat eater. Trying to go completely plant based. I have lost 52pounds going plant based.

  • Clifton Painter says:

    “Try to learn instead of burn, hear what I say.”

  • Roz Christopherson says:

    My mother’s friend was diabetic. She loved to cook and was always cooking big meals for her family during holidays. Every holiday, she would cook ham, roast beef, mac and cheese, potato salad, chicken, etc. And about a week later she’d land in the hospital. Even in the hospital she had her family sneaking in hoagies and hamburgers and fries, etc. although she was not supposed to be eating that kind of food in the hospital but was on a strict diet there. Eventually she began to go into kidney failure and had to go on dialysis. By this time she was eating only white rice and vegetables and a little fish. To feel better, she stopped eating fish and just ate rice and vegetables. But by this time, too much damage had been done to her kidneys. Various diabetic complications started happening and she had to have her leg amputated. Within a few years after that, she passed away.

    • Disa J says:

      So sad…at least you & hopefully some of her family members are waking up. Reducing those types of foods even a little should make such a difference! 🙏🕊

  • Paul Maxwell says:

    Very interesting! I live in cattle country and an alarming number of my rancher friends have kidney disease. One had a kidney removed due to cancer.

  • Julie Desnick says:

    I just found out that I have CCKD. I have been plant-based for decades. I think I got it from taking omeprazole for years. I needed omeprazole because I took Paxil years ago and it gave me terrible GERD. I am off omeprazole and trying out better alternatives like exercises, which I never knew about.

  • rbp365 says:

    recently did a lab test. my urine Ph was 8, healthy range marked by the lab 5-8. So it is the most alkaline possible within the healthy range

  • Michele L says:

    As always, very interesting and inspiring! Thank you so much!

  • Mike Maldanado says:

    Dr. Greger I have the upmost respect for you and this channel is by far the best on the vegan diet and it’s benefits. Lately though i have seen videos from other doctors critisizing you for omitting certain information to make the vegan diet sound better than it is. It’s quite possible these other doctors are wrong or you may be omitting certain non essentail info to keep the video length down but it would be greatly appreciated if you could post a response to some of these videos.

    • Jeff says:

      Countries that consume the most meat such as Finland, Iceland and Australia have the lowest death rates in the world caused by kidney disease. Countries with the highest death rates caused by kidney disease such as El Salvador, Nicaragua and Pakistan consume the least amount of meat and animal foods and have low cholesterol levels.

    • Jakki Diamond says:

      @Jeff Please provide a link to these claims

  • Quentin Styger says:

    Have you ever looked at Dr. Jason Fung’s research on chronic nephrology disease and prolonged fasting?

  • pmw says:

    Have been whole-food vegan for about a year, but I am thinking of adding-in some oily fish a couple of times a week. Although I take B12 and omega 3 algae capsules, I would prefer to get these nutrients from a natural dietary source.

    I eat walnuts and a little flax, chia and hemp, but I hear that, because these sources do not provide preformed omega 3, they might not be as effective as fish.

    • Ella OH says:

      I went vegan for almost 3 yrs but I recently quit. I don’t think the vegan diet is appropriate for underweight folks like myself. I am also heterozygous ApoE4 & discovered eating at least 3 oz cold water fish like salmon, sardines, trout etc once – twice a week is brain protective so there is something about fish that is advantageous than merely taking supplements although like you I supplement with omega3 algae for DHA/EPA along with b12. The traditional Mediterranean diet is proven to be healthy. I don’t think a 3 oz piece of fish consumed only twice a week will put you in the same category as folks eating omnivorous diets. Mediterranean is mostly plant based. I added only fermented dairy into my diet after my weight training sessions to assist with bone health plus the bang I get with Greek yogurt for additional protein is a worthwhile addition IMO. We eat the same brekky. I think you are doing well pmw! Keep it up 👍

    • pmw says:

      @Ella OH I agree that, if you are underweight, vegan is probably not the best choice for you. I tend to be overweight, so becoming vegan has been great for me. I just want to tweak it a bit, to make it more naturally nutritious. Needing supplements doesn’t sit well with me. Nice to know others are on the same wavelength.

    • Gormell says:

      We definetly evolved to eat fatty fish – small fatty fish like herring sardines mackrell has Creatine,taurine, omega3, b12,zinc all bioavaiable…These are all great for heart & brain health

  • Monica de la Rosa says:

    We were able to reverse my son’s minimal change kidney disorder by taking out dairy.

  • Alex says:

    Love it doc! NF is the best!!

  • Eva Bogard says:

    You rock, Dr. Greger!❤

  • Virginia Loebach says:

    I’m curious if starting my day with 2 T. ACV added to 20 oz. warm water is NOT A GOOD IDEA? I’m doing Mastering Diabetes Food Program ( 1 yr. of counseling)

  • Elliott Whitticar says:

    I was diagnosed with stage 3 CKD a few years ago. At my 2022 appointment with my kidney doctor, he confided that his his assistant had left because she was frustrated that most patients’ health continued to decline despite the doctor’s best efforts to guide and monitor their condition.

    Since that time I cut out beer, pie and pastries, and ate more plant based, whole food meals, like oatmeal with flax, chia, nuts and fruit for breakfast, and something like bean burritos with guacamole for lunch. My bodyfat dropped from about 25% to 15%. At this year’s appointment, my doctor said my kidney function had improved to stage 2, and if I kept it up I would no longer need to see him. My PSA also improved. So now I am eager to cut the remaining animal proteins to see if I can keep getting healthier.

    Thanks for providing hope and guidance to those of us who feared that chronic disease was not reversible!

  • paula brown says:

    Thanks Dr. Greger for this video. I have been given conflicting information from different Dr.’s after being told by my primary, You know you’re in stage 2 kidney disease! Well no, I didn’t know this. Had a 24 hour urine catch done by a nephrologist with a GFR of 59. I only have one kidney as one was removed in 2003 from stage 1 kidney cancer. Nephrologist told me to eat a cheeseburger every day if I wanted to. My other 2 Dr.’s pushed me to take Farxiga. I started following Plant Based Kidney Health wih nephrologist Dr. Hashmi along with a Renal plant based Dietician, Michelle Crosmer. After listening to Dr. Greger and following other natural plant based Dr.’s I am definitely going plant based. I have got to improve my kidney function.

  • Gaston says:

    I’ve read that Astragalus can be beneficial for kidney health. Not sure if there are any good studies.

  • Elodin Istina says:

    Hi Dr. Michael Greger. I would really appreciate it if you made a video on green peas (grašak)? I can not find any valid information or tests which confirm it is healthy, or unhealthy, or what it does to the body. Maybe I just do not know where to look, but I would feel a lot more confident if I got the information from you. It is a common legume in Vojvodina. (Voyvodina).

  • chadz393 says:

    I do think eating plants and whole foods is the best diet, meat included. But every example he gives of someone improving their health from eating more plant based also has a huge drop in bodyweight. Is there any evidence health markers improve if there is no weight loss?

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